ILT Art Awards Supreme Winner Lesa Hepburn ‘grateful’ for acknowledgement

“Because you couldn’t go out I took, I just looked in the environment around and took art from there.”

Avengers: Endgame concept art reveals cut Iron Man and Spider-Man moment from the final battle

Marvel’s future, meanwhile, is looking bright. WandaVision has a new trailer and there’s even a new Falcon suit to gawp at, while Black Widow’s delay means there are now four MCU movies set for 2021. Couple that with the rest of the new Marvel TV shows on the horizon and it soon becomes clear that […]

ART IS ACTIVISM: Student-artist on online perception, authenticity and healing, plus a Q&A

“I feel like I’ve always existed on social media,” Etyana said. Like many of us, Etyana described her relationship with social media as something that she is still trying to figure out. She noticed that as she has gotten older, it was as if “all of a sudden real life blended with online. And then […]

art of rally review – a slight yet stylish take on off-road driving

But you probably suspected as much if you’re familiar with Absolute Drift, another stylish little driving game with surprising depths. There are similarities, but things have come on a fair way – just as in Codemasters’ epic off-roaders, it’s about poise and momentum, and learning how best to maintain that in a diverse roster of […]

‘The past is not the past’: Janelle Monáe on art and activism in 2020

“Things can be canceled, and everything will be okay.” Monáe explained at the Fast Company Innovation Festival this week. “Gone are the days where people are feeling like if this gets canceled, or if I postpone this, or if I say I’m not doing well mentally, I’ll be looked at as weak or people might […]

Evil makes sense of a messy world

I am not particularly interested in art that tries too hard to be “of the moment” — I find the harder art tries to reflect my experience back to me, the less interested I am. (I’m already living the pandemic, thanks very much.) Evil is different, though. It’s a show that asks “don’t you feel […]

At Work with LVRN, the Hit-Making Music Collective Driven by a Love of Love

LVRN started in Atlanta, but you guys just opened new offices and studios in Los Angeles. SF: We’re global citizens now. Obviously, COVID has stunted everybody’s travels, but we were planning on spending this entire summer in London and bouncing around between different countries, just to really build our rapport. We’ve been intentional about wanting to […]

New York’s Movie-Famous Strand Bookstore Says Funds Depleted, Makes Customer Plea

Bass writes that “while the loan we were given and our cash reserves allowed us to weather the past eight months of losses, we are now at a turning point where our business is unsustainable.” She attributes the business crisis to “the huge decline in foot-traffic, a near complete loss of tourism, and zero in-store […]

Raikkonen, Giovinazzi to stay at Alfa Romeo in 2021

Giovinazzi has had mixed fortunes this year, but he scored points in the Austrian and Eifel GPs, and has clearly done enough to maintain the support of Ferrari, despite the strength of the Maranello marque’s Academy drivers who are coming through the ranks.

Singer Kumar Sanu apologises on behalf of his son Jaan’s statement in Bigg Boss 14; says ‘I haven’t stayed with him and don’t know what learning he got’

After the recent fiasco over Jaan’s statement in Bigg Boss 14, his father and singer Kumar Sanu has apologised on his behalf. In a video, Kumar Sanu shared that he has learnt that Jaan made some objectionable statements in the house and he wants to apologise on his behalf. He says in the video, “I […]