The doctor who makes ink

The craft of it“There are three main ingredients to ink making: the dye or pigment, water and, solvent which is a trade secret. Your solvent determines the properties of your ink, whether it can be water resistant or soluble, what kind of paper it can be used on and so on,” says Dr Sreekumar.

Great Barrier Reef envoy Warren Entsch urges fellow Liberal MPs to do more on climate change

Entsch told Guardian Australia he had “a very strong view that we can do better” on climate. He said he agreed with people from across the spectrum who believed Covid recovery was a unique opportunity for policy reform, and called for bold ideas that went beyond the “politically safe and expedient” and that would “propel […]

‘Painless, seamless, faceless’: PM Modi says reforms will change how we pay taxes

This platform has big reforms such as faceless assessment, faceless appeal, and taxpayers charter. Faceless assessment & taxpayers charter come in force from today, whereas faceless appeal service will be available from September 25: Prime Minister Narendra Narendra Modi

Seattle mayor, police chief deny making call to abandon police precinct

“Tensions are high in the CHAZ after some officers came in to enter the East Precinct,” Town Hall journalist Julio Rosas tweeted Thursday, along with a two-minute video of the encounter. “Some in the crowd wanted to make sure nothing happened to the officers. Others wanted to prevent the officers from entering the zone.”

Judge orders changes to explanation of education tax measure

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Randall H. Warner ruled Tuesday that if the high court resurrects the initiative, language adopted by majority Republican members of the Legislative Council must be modified. The committee backing the initiative challenged the impartiality of the description adopted by the Council.

Kristen Stewart Princess Diana Casting Makes Her an Oscar Favorite

Oddschecker spokesperson Pete Watt told Newsweek: “This time yesterday, Kristen Stewart was nowhere near the radar of bookmakers for a Best Actress Oscar; in fact, she was not even an option on the market. However, following the announcement this morning she has now been listed with odds of +2000, which immediately puts among the top […]

JEE, NEET, ComedK exams: Students use trending hashtag to make a point

BENGALURU: After repeated pleas and Twitter campaigns by students to postpone competitive exams like ComedK and IIT-JEE went unnoticed, students took an innovative route to gain visibility on Wednesday – they began tweeting their requests along with the trending hashtag, #InternationalYouthDay. While ComedK is scheduled for August 19, JEE (Main) exam will be held between […]

AI image recognition fooled by single pixel change

A learning system based on a neural network typically involves making connections between huge numbers of nodes – like nerve cells in a brain. Analysis involves the network making lots of decisions about what it sees. Each decision should lead the network closer to the right answer.

Group wants to make SC city take down Confederate monument

Orangeburg City Council voted last month to seek the approval of the Legislature to move the Confederate statue and remove the name of former Vice President John C. Calhoun from a main highway in town. Calhoun argued before the Civil War that Black people were better off as slaves in America than they would have […]

‘Six Years On From Mike Brown’s Death, I Have Not Seen The Change We Need’

These protests and this movement is not about lifting Black voices higher than any other voice. By now, people know we’re not saying that all lives don’t matter. It’s about making sure there is equity and acknowledging the fact that since 1619, when we were brought over to America as slaves, racism has been built […]