Star Wars: Squadrons has an old-school approach to multiplayer and it’s all the better because of it

As I found in my Star Wars Squadrons preview, this type of complexity is appealing, creating satisfying matches that thrust you into action while always offering something more. But this depth also means that the meta of the modes you play subtle changes the better you get at the game. Frazier explains: “It was important […]

China Focus: Yunnan Province makes headway in poverty alleviation

KUNMING, Aug. 3 (Xinhua) — Known for cloud-shrouded snow mountains, pristine plateau lakes, lush rainforests and diverse ethnic cultures, Yunnan, a province in the remote southwest of China, has been deemed one of the trendiest tourist destinations in the country.

Happy Friendship Day 2020: Best Messages, Quotes, Wishes and Images to make your best friend feel special

Happy Friendship Day 2020: Best Messages, Quotes and Wishes “Nothing is nicer than having someone who APPRECIATES you in the smallest things. ACCEPTS you in times of hardships. COMFORTS you when you’re troubled, LOVES you no matter what and is Simply HAPPY for having you in their life.””Best friends are more like family. Thank you […]

Owls Get Wise to Better Life in Cities

Old-growth forests and rural settings are so yesterday, at least for barred owls. The large raptors are thriving in the biggest city in North Carolina, where groomed yards with sparse trees serve as a first-class habitat and cars are the birds’ only moving threat.

Restaurants are taking over parking spaces. Here are 6 ways to make them look better

Farmhouse, hidden away on a leafy block of Florida Street, goes further. The Thai eatery takes advantage of perpendicular parking spaces to place its socially distanced tables underneath a tall communal tent, framed by planters draped with colorful pennants. I’m not saying this is high design, but it celebrates the moment, which in 2020 is […]

Our Views: If Louisiana wants to beat Texas, let’s try better government for a change

And Austin? Well, its growth speaks for itself. In 1970, Austin and Baton Rouge were about the same size. Both were college towns, but many at that time would have thought LSU the best-positioned for the future, because it was situated in the heart of the increasingly technologically driven petrochemical industry. Texas’ oil and gas […]

Striking California nurses picket, demand equipment, better conditions to fight COVID

In response to the strike, Riverside Community Hospital said in a press release posted in its website: “During this unparalleled health crisis, this planned strike is a misguided tactic causing nurses to lose 10 days of wages and serves no benefit to our patients and this community.”

Barbara Windsor reveals why she never had any children and how she kept making mistakes with men as new drama marks her 80th birthday

“When she was dying, I bathed her, I washed her hair and she said, ‘Who’d have thought you’d be here by my side?’ It was so nice and I thought, ‘Why couldn’t it always have been like this?’”

Lydia Ko’s solid finish hints at better things to come with new coach

READ MORE:Lydia Ko posts impressive numbers in her debut under new coachLydia Ko’s latest coach drawing on the past ahead of LPGA opener Golfer Lydia Ko splits with another coach after Jorge Parada says he’s been jettisonedLydia Ko sneaks in to make cut at Drive On Championship in rainy Ohio

Programming language Julia version 1.5 is out: Lots of new features, better performance

Instead of downloading packages from where they are hosted, such as GitHub or GitLab, the Pkg client connects to a Pkg server “using a simple HTTPS protocol to download new versions of package registries, package tarballs and artifacts”. This should speed up the installation of packages for users outside North America, according to Julia Computing.