Will a Brexit trade deal will be struck TODAY? Michel Barnier says talks are at ‘make-or-break moment’ as both sides haggle over fishing quotas… and an agreement could be reached this evening

‘We need to find a compromise where the UK can say they have won, and the EU can say they haven’t lost,’ said one source close to the talks. Rows over access to British waters have been one of the most significant remaining stumbling blocks in the negotiations during the past few weeks.

Georgia Secretary of State’s Office: ‘We Don’t Know How Many Absentee Ballots Arrived by Mail Versus Drop Box’

“Who were the vendors that collected the ballots from the drop boxes? Where are the logs of their receipt by the vendor at the drop box and subsequent delivery to the election board? How do we know that these ballots were not tampered with, or that a number of them were not discarded along the […]

Ann Coulter: Yes, They Cheat. We Have to Win Georgia Anyway

On point one — we checked with election officials — will the Times accept that as proof in other situations? How about asking police chiefs if their departments are beset with “systemic racism”? Why did Elizabeth Warren want all those non-disclosure agreements against Bloomberg L.P. opened? Michael Bloomberg was not only the founder, but the CEO of the company. […]

EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity Big Brother’s Heavy D was ‘dead on his kitchen floor for at least two days’ before he was found by his brother after a suspected heart attack

‘It’s going to take a long time to sink in. Heavy D was a colourful character and a big part of our family. He had a lot to say and had a lot of energy. His death has left a big hole in our lives.’ 

Walmart vs. Amazon

Overall winner: Amazon Being a Walmart online customer means getting low prices, not having to pay subscription fees, and getting free and fast shipping on most orders. Walmart online customers can also order pickup items for a better deal, and often pick their items up the same day. For groceries, Walmart’s delivery service is one […]

The most common Kindle Fire problems, and how to fix them

Start by fully charging your Fire tablet with the original cable and charger, then hold down the Power button for 40 seconds to perform a force reset. Connect to a Wi-Fi network and leave your tablet alone for a while — it should automatically download and install any available updates. You can also do this […]

Texas Voters Who Contract COVID Before Election Day Will Need A Doctor’s Note To Vote Absentee

MOVE originally challenged the requirement in an early October lawsuit against Texas’s secretary of state, Ruth Hughs. The coronavirus pandemic made the mandate too burdensome, MOVE argued, especially for voters who don’t have primary care doctors and can’t afford medical care — voters who are also disproportionately racial minorities. Texas has the highest rate of […]

Lord Sheikh says Tory MPs are condemning him for attending Tunisia conference with Hamas chief as revenge for speaking out against Boris Johnson in Burka row

MailOnline revealed this week that at the event in Tunisia, top Hamas leader Oussama Hamdan presented a ‘four point vision to fight against Israel’ and praised the group’s ‘great success on the military and national levels’, adding that the violence was ‘magnificent’.