Trump may finally realize he’s suppressing his own vote

KAMARCK: We looked at a series of variables that all related to ease of voting absentee. And, for instance, there were some states that require you to have a notary notarize your absentee ballot. Well if there’s no need to do that — and obviously as you can imagine tracking down the notary is a […]

Textile & garment sector needs new development strategy

The industry should make changes to its planning as it is enjoying fresh, lucrative development opportunities stemming from the country’s joining of bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements, she said. Vitas Chairman Vu Duc Giang said the country is having an advantageous productive working-age population, which would greatly support the textile and garment industry’s expansion […]

Coronavirus warning signs MISSED by scoring system used across the NHS, investigation finds

An NHS England spokesperson said: “The NHS has been clear throughout the pandemic that clinical teams should not solely rely on national early warning scores for clinical decision making.”

Do YOU know the hidden hazards putting your child at risk? Experts reveal unexpected dangers every parent must be aware of – from burst balloons to headbands and fridge magnets

Ensure there is a responsible adult watching at all times and limit the number of children on a bouncy castle. Little ones can easily be crushed by bigger kids, so it’s a good idea to allocate time slots for different age groups at a party. Make sure it is anchored securely too, as the wind […]

Bernstein Calls on GOP, McConnell to ‘Save Lives’ in Pandemic by Demanding Trump Resign

We need the political system to respond, which means Republicans particularly, because the Republicans on Capitol Hill as well as those who left the White House, they know he is not a stable individual. They have told dozens of people, they believe the president of the United States is out of control, that he is […]

Two black mothers confronted with guns by US Secret Service in front of kids

Winston said she and Johnson were in “full mommy mode” in the parked Ford Focus when, based on the angle of the collision, they believe the Secret Service car drove across the centreline of Constitution Avenue near 17th Street and plowed into the front bumper on the driver’s side.

Sri Lanka’s social media blackout reflects sense that online dangers outweigh benefits

In Sri Lanka, misinformation spread through social media has been linked to deadly mob violence before. In March 2018, the government blocked Facebook, WhatsApp and other internet platforms amid hardline Buddhist violence against Muslims, some of it fuelled by hate speech and false rumors spread on social media. At the time, the Sri Lankan government […]

Mum-of-six, 35, told she has months to live after leg pain turned out to be a sign of terminal cancer

Sarcomas are uncommon cancers that can affect any part of the body, on the inside or outside, including the muscle, bone, tendons, blood vessels and fatty tissues.

‘Our identity has been robbed’: life in Kashmir after a year of crisis

Farooqi was killed in a gunfight in June, having refused the offer to surrender when he was cornered by Indian forces in a house in Srinagar, alongside two other militants. Ahmad was called by authorities to the scene to try and convince his son to surrender, but his desperately shouted pleas went unanswered. “There were […]

Christchurch shooting suspect will face 50 murder charges, say New Zealand police

Responding to claims parliament was rushing the law change, Police Association president Chris Cahill said successive governments had already failed to address the issue. “Is it time to act? Are we being to quick? No, we’ve been far too slow,” he said.