Jet2 tells tourists they must return to the UK early or make their own way home – with families told by text that their holidays have been ruined

‘The past week has seen utter confusion for holidaymakers. The Government needs to work more closely with the travel industry so that tour operators and airlines can better manage these changing requirements, and holidaymakers aren’t caught between following Government advice or potentially losing the money for their holiday.’  

How the oil industry has spent billions to control the climate change conversation

Walking through Washington’s national airport this holiday season, travelers saw a type of advertisement that is becoming more mainstream – it pops up on social media, in commercial breaks for streaming video services, in newspapers and on the radio. A friendly-looking older woman in a hard hat beams at the camera. “Thanks to natural gas, […]

‘Cardio just makes you a smaller version of what you already are’: Fitness coach reveals why ditching the treadmill for weights is the secret to a perfectly toned figure

Dione said shifting your routine from cardio to weights is only the start of multiple changes that should be implemented into a regular exercise routine to build a ‘dream’ physique. 

While other wineries sell, Martinelli makes the hard choice to keep a vineyard in the family

The Martinellis own 19 vineyards, with a total of 450 planted acres, throughout Sonoma County. They’re known especially for their Zinfandels, especially from the ultra-steep, nearly 130-year-old Jackass Hill Vineyard. (They also farm apples, though they are not the same Martinellis of apple cider fame.)

The evolution of Extinction Rebellion

Among the key figures to emerge during the April rebellion was Farhana Yamin. Her experience – as a former UN lawyer who had helped draft the Paris agreement and worked on many of the key climate treaties of the past three decades – enhanced XR’s credibility, and she became one of the group’s most convincing […]

England’s biggest landowners not growing enough trees – report

Some of the organisations named in the report are embarking on tree-planting programmes, which will substantially increase the amount of tree cover on their land. For instance, the National Trust announced in January plans for 20m new trees on its estate, which would cover an area one-and-a-half times the size of Manchester, or the equivalent […]

LeBron James Renovating New $23 Mil Brentwood Home

But, King James is takin’ it even further … our sources tell us he’s adding a basketball court, indoor wine tap (dude LOVES his wine), and is working on the paperwork to get a pizza oven … while also making changes to the theater and pool.

LA Closes 3 Food Distributors As New Coronavirus Cases Top 3,000

The county had earlier promoted avoidance of “three C’s”: crowded places, confined spaces and close contact with others. On Monday, Ferrer rolled out another “three C’s”: compliance, containment and collaboration, all aimed at urging adherence to control measures such as wearing face coverings and physical distancing, along with stepped up testing and cooperation with contact […]

How YouTube spreads extremist ideas that inspire events like the Christchurch mosque shootings

Elley agrees YouTube needs to acknowledge the role less extreme content plays in directing people to more extreme ideas. ”They need to find a way to change the way the algorithm works, but also to take more seriously the idea that even stuff that is not out-and-out racist or explicitly dangerous can be part of a process. I don’t know what the answer to that is going to look […]

Horoscope today: Here are the astrological predictions for August 4

If it’s your birthday today Business/career do move ahead, but give it some more time. New opportunities give a chance of proving yourself yet again about work. Avoid getting involved in office politics. Travel for work/business negotiations is possible after February 2021, but you may voluntarily decide not to. Video conferencing is so much better […]