Sweet solution to the PPE shortages: Candy floss machines could be used to make medical-grade N95 face masks by spinning fibres out of waste plastic

They found that the three most common types of face masks – N95s, surgical masks and face masks – help lower reproduction (Rt) rates, meaning less people are being infected due to social distancing.

Will a Brexit trade deal will be struck TODAY? Michel Barnier says talks are at ‘make-or-break moment’ as both sides haggle over fishing quotas… and an agreement could be reached this evening

‘We need to find a compromise where the UK can say they have won, and the EU can say they haven’t lost,’ said one source close to the talks. Rows over access to British waters have been one of the most significant remaining stumbling blocks in the negotiations during the past few weeks.

Inside the family-run Baltimore warehouse making the dry ice pellets key to keeping the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine cool

‘The nature of dry ice is, as soon as you make it, it starts to go away,’ he said. ‘What happens if a CVS or a Walgreens gets it, and 11 days have gone and their suitcase has run out of ice?’

Canada’s most endangered mammal that looks like a ‘chunky squirrel’ is making a comeback after officials release the Vancouver Island marmot in a ski resort to help it train for the wild

‘We need success stories in the conservation world. This is not an easy time to work with wildlife,’ Taylor said. ‘We need to be able to demonstrate that it’s possible to bring these species back, because that’s the task we’re going to be engaged in more and more often. And if we don’t have success […]

Georgia Secretary of State’s Office: ‘We Don’t Know How Many Absentee Ballots Arrived by Mail Versus Drop Box’

It is unclear from this instruction if every ballot transfer form must be signed by the county registrar or designee upon receipt, or if only the Election Day ballot transfer form must be signed by the county registrar or designee upon receipt of absentee ballots collected from each drop box by the collection team, nor […]

Thrifty mum creates Christmas feature wall using 99p B&M wrapping paper… and there’s a matching table cloth too

For more festive bargains, B&M shoppers have raved about its ‘super dupe’ £6 fluffy slippers which are almost identical to the £80 Ugg version.

More Xbox Series X and S stock is coming to Box, but this time it’s different

For more retailers offering Xbox Series X stock, don’t forget to keep an eye on our page of Xbox Series X deals and tips on getting the best Xbox Series S price. New units are coming in unexpectedly, so you’ll need to be on the ball if you want to secure a system before Christmas.

Queen to spend ‘quiet’ Christmas at Windsor – including NO official present giving and NO Boxing Day shoot

Staff will bubble to stay with her over Christmas Phil advised that Her Majesty has a “HMS bubble” made up of people like her dresser, Angela Kelly and Paul Whybrew, her main footman, and a small limited team.

Remote office in a box (ROBO) is back, and it’s called SD-WAN

Create a product portfolio to match the market. Remote offices can be quick-service restaurants, sales offices, manufacturing sites, acute care centers, and stadiums, to name a few. The networking and security services can vary significantly between sites. The resilience and security needs of an acute care center are significantly higher than a quick-service restaurant. The […]

Money-savvy mum’s top tips to make cash for Christmas quick – from selling Lego to using reward points

LEGO IS NOW WORTH MORE THAN GOLD If your kids have outgrown Lego – give it a wash (put it in a pillowcase and run it through your washing machine) – dry it in the sun – then weigh it and sell it by the kilogram on eBay or Gumtree.