Tahrir Square sexual assaults reported during anniversary clashes

More than 40 people have died and more than 500 have been injured in clashes in cities including Alexandra, Suez and Mahalla in the past four days. On Saturday, the government lost control of Port Said, a city on the Mediterranean, when hardcore football fans rioted over being scapegoated, as they saw it, by security […]

Costa Del Sol club shut down with immediate effect after DJ spat alcohol into revellers’ mouths at coronavirus rave

Nightspots including discos have been linked to a huge number of the new coronavirus cases in Spain, prompting regional governments around the country to close them or reduce their opening hours and the number of revellers who can be inside at any one time.

Companies under fire for skin-lightening creams: “They need to ban the products”

“Acknowledging the changing perceptions and expectations of our consumers worldwide, we have started an in-depth review process to determine recent implications for our product offering and marketing approach. Resulting from this review, we will cease use of labels such as ‘whitening’ or ‘fair’ in product descriptions and marketing communication, thereby positively supporting and reflecting change.”

CPC tradition of learning emphasized

Zhu Lijia, a professor of public administration at the National Academy of Governance, said it is a special characteristic of the CPC to place great importance on learning, which has played a vital role in ensuring the Party’s long-term ruling of the country and uniting and leading the Chinese people to achieve economic growth and […]

How California reduced its inmate population to a 30-year low

“California was at the forefront of both the prison building boom and tough-on-crime sentencing,” said Michael Romano, who teaches law at Stanford, directs the law school’s Three Strikes Project, and has been appointed by Newsom to head a committee examining possible further rollbacks in the state’s sentencing laws. “To this day, people are serving life […]