Is One of the Best Shows of the Year

There’s an even deeper level to this series, something on the order of an existential quest, a long journey into the heroine’s emotional interior. I don’t know if it’s the nighttime New York settings or the generally dreamlike aura, but parts of Search Party reminded me — no joke — of Eyes Wide Shut, a […]

Apple’s morning show to explore impact of #MeToo, Time’s Up for women in workplaces, Mimi Leder says

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon star in the Apple TV+ series that gives viewers an in-depth look at what goes on behind the scenes in the world of daybreak television.

The 6 Pettiest Fights in

Lamé undies aside, one of the biggest points of contention between Jordan and his fellow Bachelorette contestants was his insistence on boasting about some seemingly astronomical dating-app figures: He claimed that he’s matched with over 4,000 women on Tinder in his home state of Florida, a fact that fellow contestant John — a Silicon Valley […]

: Leo Dottavio Calls Kendall Long ‘Fake’ After He’s Caught Kissing Chelsea

“When I said you kissed Chelsea I thought she did know and her face kind of told me she didn’t,” Wendt explains. “I heard it from four people and just kind of assumed everyone on the beach knew everything. Kendall is just my friend.”

21 of

Season: The Bachelor, season 5Moment of Infamy: A few of the rumors surrounding Michelle during her time on the show? She was a gold-digger, she was only interested in furthering her acting career and that she had an affair with NBA player Carlos Boozer. But what really rubbed fans the wrong way was her constant […]

Women leadership is key to Kenya’s growth and development

Imagine a young girl. She is smart. Ambitious. She believes in herself and her abilities. From a young age, she has the desire to lead — to inspire others to greatness, to surpass expectations, to improve the world. Yet lack of mentorship and connections impede her.

Country files: nature writers on the books that inspired them

Dave GoulsonThree Singles to Adventure by Gerald Durrell (1954) When I was about eight years old my dad gave me a copy of Three Singles to Adventure by Gerald Durrell, and I was instantly hooked. It describes an expedition to Africa to capture rare animals for zoos. I couldn’t believe that anyone could make a […]