Mass testing being done at Kentucky prison where virus found

The outbreak this spring at the Green River Correctional Complex resulted in 417 virus cases among inmates and staff, Brown said. Of them, 392 have recovered. To contain the virus’s spread, officials separated inmates into housing units based on their health conditions.

Ex-con who spent three years locked up with Charles Bronson before turning his life around insists Britain’s most notorious prisoner has ‘a lot to give society now’ and hopes he’ll be home soon

‘It was late, about 2 or 3am, I couldn’t sleep, I was really at my wit’s end of it, and all of a sudden I just felt this unbelievable feeling of pure love. That really profound feeling that just washed over me in such a way that it wasn’t a trick of my mind.

Afghan gov’t releases 80 Taliban prisoners: official

Since early March, the Afghan government had released 5,100, including 500 prisoners who were not included in a Taliban list of prisoners, and Taliban freed 1,000 Afghan soldiers or government staff, but the Afghan government suspended the release of 400 Taliban inmates over their involvement in serious crimes.

IS prisoner issue a ticking timebomb for the West

The IS prisoners no-one wants How do countries deal with IS returnees? What is Islamic State? Under the so-called caliphate those enforcers belonged to the Hisbah, the female morality police, who meted out harsh punishments. Today, despite being behind barbed wire in the camps, they have effectively reconstituted themselves as the same thing.

Afghan authorities begin release of ‘dangerous’ Taliban prisoners

A prisoner swap formed part of a deal signed by the Taliban and the United States in February, which saw Washington agree to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan in return for a pledge from the insurgents to hold peace talks with the Afghan government.

Taliban prisoner release: Afghanistan frees final 400 Taliban convicts

Among the 400 detainees, 156 had been sentenced to death, according to a list provided to Germany’s DPA news agency by the National Security Council. Other militants were convicted for homicide, kidnapping, drug smuggling and other serious crimes.

Islamic State group: Europe has ticking time bomb in prison camps

How do countries deal with IS returnees? Why countries face dilemma over IS children Chaos left by Islamic State group’s fall The fault lies primarily with Europe’s governments. Since the military defeat of IS by the US-led coalition at Baghuz in Syria in March, the world has had seven months in which to resolve the […]

COVID-19 Reopening Roundup: California ‘Turning The Corner’ On COVID-19; ‘Nanobody’ Nasal Spray; Fitness Club Launches Learning Pod

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — The tsunami of news about the current coronavirus outbreak and now the reopenings can be overwhelming. To help you navigate through what you need to know here’s a news roundup of the top coronavirus and reopening-related stories from the last 24 hours.

Olivia Wilde rocks a sporty look while going for a horseback ride outside of Los Angeles

The actress will also star in the film, reuniting with her Booksmart writer Kate Silberman for this film, which centers on an unhappy housewife in the 1950s.

Mountain lion jumps man in Palo Alto park

“They’re concerned about human safety,” he said. “They’re trying to balance that with wildlife, and it’s a difficult thing. Once there’s been an attack, it’s pretty frightening. It attacked a 6-foot tall, 160-pound man, so what’s going to happen to a small child? That’s the dilemma we face.”