Digital banking: Mondo hopes to become the Google or Facebook of the sector

Digital banks also face the issue of opening accounts and still complying with strict anti-money laundering rules with which banks must comply, and finding ways to let customers pay in cheques. Links with the Post Office and other banks are being considered while a cheque imaging service under development by the industry gets off the […]

Young people involved in Vietnam’s fight against COVID-19

This allows holders to remain in the country if they have no other visa options and are unable to depart due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Applicants must demonstrate why they can’t meet the requirements for another visa, according to the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

Was Babri Masjid demolition justified?

History is the narrative of the victors, not the story of the vanquished. It celebrates the glory of conquest while paying short shrift to the plight of the victims; genocides are glossed over or marginalised to make the victor more honourable; tyrants are portrayed as benevolent monarchs and evil is projected as good and vice […]

Letter from economists: to rebuild our world, we must end the carbon economy

Even as climate breakdown looms around the corner, the pressure to return to the old carbon-based economy is real – and all the more dangerous, given the fundamental instability of an economy rooted in injustice. Sources of large-scale human suffering, such as crop failures, water shortages, rising tides, wildfires, severe weather, forced migration and pandemics, […]

Design Thinking Is B.S.

From Functionalism To Craft I propose that we go from a society obsessed with how things work–that’s functionalism–to craft. Right now, we want things to work. The professor Brett Waters teaches at Stanford about design thinking, and he wrote a piece titled, “Design Thinking Is Not About Design.” That caught my attention.

Save the parasites! Conservationists say the creatures are essential for the environment and should be protected before they go extinct

‘We need to recognise that there will be a diversity of responses among parasite taxa and not take for granted that every parasite is dwindling toward extinction or about to cause a major outbreak,’ Wood said.    

Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver review – a powerful lament for the American dream

She powerfully evokes the eeriness of living through times of social turmoil, but her true concerns are articulated by Greenwood’s neighbour, Mary Treat: “When men fear the loss of what they know, they will follow any tyrant who promises to restore the old order.” Yet the gullibility of ordinary people seems etched harshly when mirrored […]

Car dealer Pendragon to slash 1,800 jobs and shut 15 showrooms

“These historic lows in production show the industry is standing at a crossroads: Either the Government leaves it to become a shadow of its former self or provides the support and investment needed for it flourish as a producer of the next generation of cleaner cars.