Gentrification X: how an academic argument became the people’s protest

Another argument used against anti-gentrification campaigns is that they are fighting a force of nature. Gentrification is a process as old as time itself, and you may as well just protest against the changing of the seasons. There is a tendency, as with anything, for older, more experienced commentators to take a puff on their […]

Halo 2: Anniversary Reveals New Images And Details For PC Master Chief Collection Release

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UK government slams ‘crackpot’ 5G-coronavirus theories following mast arson attacks

Over the weekend, UK Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove branded such stories — making the rounds across Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Pinterest — as “dangerous nonsense.” NHS England national medical director Stephen Powis is one of countless scientists who deem the rumor as baseless; branding the claims as “rubbish.”

The reasons that will get you through WA coronavirus checkpoints — and the excuses that won’t fly

Those exempt from the travel ban are:People who are returning homePeople who are going to work or carrying out the duties of their occupationPeople meeting their primary-caring responsibilitiesAnyone under threat of physical or psychological harm or in an emergency situation (other than COVID-19)Someone needing to obtain goods or services without which they would be likely […]