Celebrities Love Halloween Just As Much As Children, Gay Dudes

Simon Doonan has a recurring Halloween problem: It’s also his birthday. “So I never know whether to sort of go berserk or hide indoors or hollow my head out and stick a candle in it,” he lamented. “I’m sure I’ll figure it out.”Vera Wang is going to a Marilyn Monroe party (which sounds pretty fun, […]

From bats to people to tigers? Viruses that can jump species

The topic is crucial since the virus that is causing the Covid-19 pandemic is believed to have originated in animals. For insight into the issue, we reached out to Jonathan Epstein, a veterinarian and disease ecologist who serves as vice president for science and outreach at the EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit organization, and has been […]

Eight hundred and six people die in New York City in a day: Daily death toll DOUBLES with total fatalities topping 4,000 as doctor describes life at field hospital in Central Park where patients could be hospitalized for weeks

NYC considers digging temporary graves for its coronavirus dead on Hart Island – which was used to dispose of Spanish Flu victims Over the last 160 years Hart Island has been a Union Civil War prisoner-of-war camp, a psychiatric institution, tuberculosis sanatorium and a potter’s field burial site.

Loved ones’ anguished wait as fire victims are slowly identified

“My heart goes out to all of those affected by this,” said a poster. “I hope you all find answers about your loved ones and the trolls making rude comments should go f— themselves. Imagine if it was one of your friends or family or loved ones.”

Love Island’s Dr Alex vows to beat coronavirus as he fights on NHS frontline

The Love Island star and A&E doctor sent out a strong message to his followers as he posed up in a hospital corridor dressed in scrubs, a face mask and a disposable cap.

Why PR People Are Obsessed With Valentine’s Day

“It’s a unique holiday in the sense that it’s got a bunch of hooks all baked into it: relationships, sex, marriage, gift-giving, economics, sex, the fragile global cocoa supply—so just about any company or PR person can make tenuous bridges betwixt its client and the holiday,” Cummings added. But it’s also just the most successful […]

Coronavirus: Love Island’s Dr Alex George says NHS cannot cope if cases rise

He said it was good that the government has promised more money to help – but they cannot create more staff, and there are frontline staff working seven days a week, which will eventually become unsafe.

Love Island’s Dr. Alex George explains why he wants individuals to catch coronavirus

Certain studies have revealed that the deadly virus may come back twice as bad next year, therefore, the caller wondered if he should try and catch the virus now in order to secure immunity to it next year when it surfaces once more.

Love Island’s Dr Alex George forced to watch people die of coronavirus on frontline

He continued: “We’re not able to let patients see their family even if they’re really really unwell in A&E which is very difficult because it’s our natural instinct to want to comfort family, comfort patients, and make those situations as comfortable as we can.

COVID-19: How To Care For People With Alzheimer’s During The Lockdown

2. Help them release stress COVID-19 lockdown has increased mental stress in people. Even normal adults are sometimes unable to cope with the situation due to homebound stress. Therefore, it is likely that people with Alzheimer’s will face a heightened sense of stress and become more agitated. During such times, ensure them that they are […]