DAILY VOICE: Four reasons why IT stocks are hitting 52-week highs

A) The auto sector has been witnessing a weak volume trajectory over the last 6-8 quarters, driven by slowing economic activity and retail consumption. We see the auto sector reviving at the margin in 2HFY21/FY22, driven by better rural demand and increased private transportation needs due to COVID.

Watch out, California’s self-driving car permits take effect today

As Ars reported in May 2014, a manufacturer that wants to test autonomous vehicles has to apply for a testing permit, certify its drivers to test the cars, and secure a $5 million insurance or safety bond. The testing permit must be renewed after one year or else it expires.

A lost summer: How Trump fell short in confronting the virus

Health officials said they have been dismayed that there is no consistent message from the White House advising what people should be doing to help stem the tide of coronavirus infections, such as wearing masks and social distancing. Some internal administration models suggest that full adherence to those measures could yield the same result as […]

Labour to announce it will ban fracking if it wins election

More from Politics Boris Johnson: UK could change laws to stop ‘stupid and dangerous’ migrant crossings Labour MP Dawn Butler dismisses ‘racist trolls’ with ‘conspiracy theories’ about police stop incident Coronavirus: Boris Johnson told teachers and students must get weekly COVID-19 tests for safe return of schools Labour MP Dawn Butler accuses Metropolitan Police of […]

Blankenship defends controversial remarks, addresses critics

BENSON: So, I would love some clarity on this. There’s a big difference here. If these are actual questions sent over from the special counsel’s office versus an extrapolation from a Trump lawyer based on broader conversations about the topics that might be covered. Because we’ve spent a lot of time in the chattering class […]

Coronavirus live updates: Nearly half of all people testing positive in SF between 18-40 years old

11:12 a.m. AARP jumps on Trump statement about tax that funds Social Security: President Trump’s vow to defer payroll taxes by executive order for coronavirus relief and seek to “terminate the tax” if he’s re-elected, drew immediate objection from AARP, the powerful lobby and watchdog group that looks out for older Americans. Many lawmakers “agree […]

‘A second wave won’t be long in the making!’ Exhausted police officer predicts fresh Covid spike after ‘long late shift peppered with pub fights, drunken violence and drunken, drugged-up fools’

But critics weighed in on the former UKIP leader and said he had been in America on June 20, questioning how he could already be out of quarantineThe row took a surprising turn when acting Lib Dem leader Ed Davey reported him to Kent Police and asked them to investigate.