Coca-Cola ‘paid scientists to downplay how sugary beverages fueled the obesity crisis between 2013-2015,’ medical journal study finds

‘We are certainly going to have to disclose this [Coca-Cola funding] at some point. Our preference would be to have other funders on board first… Right now, we have two funders. Coca Cola and an anonymous individual donor… Does including the Universities as funders/supporters pass the red face test?’ one email read.

Wínk Hotels launches with domestic market firmly in its sights

“These are exiting times for the Vietnamese hospitality industry. There’s a massive, underserved market segment currently and it is our clear ambition to serve and inspire this young market with a new and dynamic brand of hospitality,” said Wínk Hotels CEO Michael Piro. “Wínk Hotels will be modern, bold, and resolute in personality – reflecting […]

Bloomberg Writer Admits Foreign Workers Flood U.S. Labor Markets

What we see is an industry awash with supply. “The story in Washington is that we have this STEM skills gap and U.S. students are just not capable. What the data shows you is that, in fact, U.S. students are both interested and capable of doing this kind of work,” said Ronil Hira, an associate […]

Suzuki Motorcycle to pull out of commuter bikes segment in India

That goes for both the scooter and motorcycle launches. “Going ahead, we will introduce two products every year in scooters and bikes and all these will be upwards of where we are now in terms of engine displacements,” he added.The whole idea is to tap the upgrade hungry committed sports biker. “We are looking at […]

‘With Only 3 SUVs, We Need to Work Harder for This Market’

Honda Cars India president Gaku Nakanishi tells ET’s Sharmistha Mukherjee that the company will stay away from small cars, build on its premium positioning and not hesitate to compete to increase its presence despite the slowdown in the market. Edited excerpts:The domestic market has seen sluggish sales in the last few months. How was Honda’s […]

The Economist doesn’t segment millennials, says Paul Rossi

Paul Rossi, president, The Economist Group, recently, in Mumbai, to discuss his thoughts on India as a market and what collaboration means to him. And, here’s what he had to say. Read on…“Loyalty is just another word for engagement”While marketers are worried about consumer loyalty these days, media companies, too, have similar challenges, but the […]

Hackers Could Use IoT Botnets to Manipulate Energy Markets

The researchers used real, publicly available data from the New York and California markets between May 2018 and May 2019 to study fluctuations in both the “day-ahead market” that forecasts demand and the “real-time market” in which buyers and sellers correct for forecasting errors and unpredictable events like natural disasters. By modeling how much power […]

Bisleri: Quenching thirst with trust

In an age when most companies opt for getting a celebrity to endorse their brands – Bisleri, the leading packaged water player, did the unthinkable. It recruited a camel – actually many camels, of course post all the mandatory approvals from the wildlife authorities we are told – to communicate its message of “Har Pani […]

New Book Offers Insider’s Glimpse Into Life in North Korea

Abrahamian left the NGO world in 2018 and is now an adjunct senior fellow at the Honolulu-based Pacific Forum and was a Koret Fellow at Stanford University’s Asia-Pacific Research Center while writing his manuscript. He had previously earned a PhD from a university in South Korea, where he also studied the Korean language.  

One-Third of US Consumers Believe Brands Should Continue Facebook Boycott, Survey Shows

Findings show that 38 percent of respondents said Facebook had not done enough to address content deficiencies as opposed to 20 percent who think Facebook has done enough, and 33 percent said that brands should continue the boycott as opposed to 21 percent who think brands can resume adds. The largest share of respondents, just […]