Still Fizzing about Coro as soap celebrates 60 years

Fiz is now a key cast member. McAlpine jokes, “I’ve now been Fiz for longer than I wasn’t Fiz. I wasn’t Fiz for 17 years of my life and now I’ve been her for nearly 20, so I’m about 93 per cent Fiz and seven per cent Jennie.”

Home and Away’s Georgie Parker finally ready for love

“I think it’s terrific for Roo to have a chance at having a mature relationship with someone that she trusts,” Parker says. “She’s had a lot of flings in the past with men who were a lot younger, not that there is anything wrong with that but they were very unlikely to be long-term partners.”

Distraught mum of missing ‘scallop wars’ fisherman desperate ‘for sea to give him back’ after ‘freak wave’ sank boat

The Joanna C was previously involved in the scallop wars, a long-standing dispute between Brit and French fishermen that has seen UK vessels surrounded and rammed, while flares were allegedly thrown.

The ‘Say cheese!’ culture of Vietnam

Guys, ‘selfies’ taken in the shower, wash tub or just woken up are big no-no’s. And check your backgrounds again, your buddies are very likely to be checking for pimples, nose hair and bald spots just behind your right shoulder. Girls, super close-ups with eyes the size of motorbike wheels are not cool, ‘duck fingers’ […]

Shamima Begum was paid benefits by ISIS and got twice as much as other jihadis, her fanatic husband boasts

The Dutchman also showed his true colours when he refused to condemn the terror group’s use of Yazidi sex slaves giving Alan a cold “no comment” response.

Charity bosses praise Meghan Markle for ‘breaking down the stigma and shame’ and ‘taking us forward in leaps and bounds’ after she revealed she had a miscarriage

Speaking from his home at Althorp in Northamptonshire, Earl Spencer replied: ‘It is, Lorraine, isn’t it. I mean I can’t imagine the agony for any couple of losing a child in this way, and it’s so very, very sad, and of course I totally agree with you – all thoughts with them today.’

Andrew Marr warns The Crown’s ‘grossly unfair’ and ‘sadistic’ portrayals of the Royal Family could harm the monarchy – and demands Netflix adds a disclaimer warning viewers ‘it’s fiction’

After receiving a card from Camilla Parker Bowles, the two women meet for lunch at Ménage a trois at The Wolseley. It’s an awkward encounter, with Camilla showing off how much she knows about the Prince of Wales’ character and quirks, such as the fact he doesn’t eat lunch or garlic, has a soft boiled egg […]

The Crown creator Peter Morgan admits confrontation between Prince Charles and Lord Mountbatten that has shocked royals was ‘made up in my head’

‘Remember, when Philip was encouraging Charles to make up his mind about Diana, he sent a memo,’ Junor told HistoryExtra. ‘He didn’t pick up the phone and chat to his son, or arrange to have lunch with him, he wrote a memo. So, I cannot believe Philip would ever have said to Charles that he […]

Queen and Prince Philip have ‘rediscovered the happiness of their early years together’ during Covid-19 crisis which initially left the monarch feeling ‘very down’, royal expert claims

When the Queen returned to Windsor alone at the start of October, the plan was for her to commute between Norfolk, Windsor and Buckingham Palace where she could have official engagements. Seemingly, however, that has proved unworkable, and her only Royal visit has been a trip to the Porton Down military research laboratory near Salisbury […]

Actor who portrays Denis Thatcher in The Crown claims Prime Minister and her husband were ‘not in love’ and says their marriage was ‘quite icy’ – after using their daughter’s biography of the businessman as a ‘bible’ for his role in the hit series

In a fabricated scene in the first episode, Lord Mountbatten writes to warn Charles he is in danger of bringing ‘ruin and disappointment’ to the family, while the third episode falsely depicts Mrs Thatcher being humiliated by the Royal Family at Balmoral,