Coronavirus: EU settlement applicants warned to expect delays

What changes for EU citizens in the UK after Brexit? Vulnerable ‘struggle with EU settlement scheme’ Advice for applicants will continue to be available online, whilst they will be able to get replies via email with a “call back function when required”.

Post-Brexit talks: UK prepared to walk away in June if no progress

Trade talks: What do the UK and EU want? EU warns UK over goods checks between NI and GB Brexit: What is a level playing field? “The UK says that it wants Canada. But the problem with that is that the UK is not Canada,” Mr Barnier told an event at the European Parliament on […]

Brexit: Border delays ‘could cause fresh food problems’

Adam Marshall, the BCC director general, said: “Additional friction will equal higher costs for a lot of our business, and while the discussion over the past few months has focussed a lot on tariffs, it’s actually these border costs… that really is the biggest source of cost for most.”

UK government in row with EU over proposed office in Belfast

A European commission spokesman said: “We can confirm that we have sent letters to the UK regarding a proposal to open a technical office in Belfast with specific technical capabilities to ensure the implementation of the protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland. This issue was raised in the joint committee on Monday. We remain in contact with […]

Poland Likely to Evade EU Sanctions With Support of Hungary, UK, Czech Republic

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — On Wednesday, the European Commission discussed judicial reforms in Poland in the course of a meeting in Brussels drawing a conclusion that these reforms would have a very negative impact on the judiciary and would threaten the rule of law in Poland. The EU Commission stated its readiness to revoke article 7 of the Lisbon Treaty that might suspend Poland’s membership rights, […]

Could UK Repeat Italy’s Coronavirus Scenario? How Two Nations Responded to the Pandemic, Compared

Along with the new measure, the government changed the tone of its public messages. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte stated on 8 March that it was “Italy’s darkest hour” and vowed to combat the pandemic with “massive shock therapy”. Later, the government extended its efforts to curb the pandemic as catering services in Italy (including bars, […]

Brexit was the best thing for the UK, says Adar Poonawalla

Two years ago, Adar Poonawalla failed in a bid to turn London’s historic Grosvenor House Hotel into his family’s second home. Now he’s on the lookout for a consolation prize, courtesy of Britain’s exit from the European Union. Poonawalla, whose father Cyrus founded Asia’s largest vaccine maker and is India’s seventh-richest man, wants to take […]

UK slammed for coronavirus testing shortfall as officials release guidance on who to save first

Paul Cosford, emeritus medical director of public Health England, told Sky News on Thursday that the UK was testing nearly 15,000 people a day and aims to reach 25,000 a day by the middle of April. Only “about 2,000” frontline National Health Service (NHS) workers have so far been tested for the virus, he said.

UK has ‘bought 2million coronavirus antibody tests from China’ and half will arrive this week even though officials are STILL ‘evaluating’ accuracy of kits

Despite repeated requests from MailOnline, the Department of Health has refused to confirm which businesses are in the running. One of these firms includes Derby-based SureScreen, which has shipped its tests to be used in Germany and Spain, among other nations

EU Sends Warsaw, Budapest, Prague Opinions on Refugee Relocation Non-Compliance

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – On May 16, the European Commission issued a progress report on relocation and resettlement, stressing that some countries, in particular, Hungary, Poland and Austria were the only EU members that had not relocated a single person, while the Czech Republic remained inactive for a year.