‘Love After Love’ Review: Ann Hui’s Pretty, Empty Melodrama Set in Pre-War Hong Kong

It is largely left to the craft departments to give the film what dynamism it has. Doyle’s photography delights in the richness of the palette and is effusive in its love for the pearly flawless skin of uniformly attractive cast. And Sakamoto’s music, while not particularly memorable, pleasantly embellishes the romance with light piano motifs. […]

Power’s Tasha actress teases fiery clash with Mary J Blige as worlds collide in Book II: Ghost

“I think having Mary J Blige step in to this role of Monet is so exciting because it’s adding another strong female character to our story base, and she’s awesome – and so humble and ready to work, her and Method Man – but [it’s exciting] for women out there who see a reflection of […]

10,000 revolutions: meet Mary Kelly, the mother of all feminist artists

Kelly does not conform to any cliche of a radical feminist. She has a zen-like calm. She speaks quietly, with sentences punctuated only by a persistent, but rather elegant, cough. Her hair is arranged in a beautiful crown, like something a Dutch master would paint. Now in her 70s, she remains cutting-edge, and speaks fluently […]

‘Power’ Creator Courtney Kemp Talks Tonight’s ‘Ghost’ Spinoff Debut, COVID-19 Changes, Season 2, 50 Cent, Albert Camus & The Politics Of Freedom 2020

So, I’m not so invested in creating that sort of procedural show, we got the bad guy narrative. I never have been. That’s never been part of who I am as an artist. So, that’s not new. I think a crooked cop on the take is a staple of many shows that I have done. […]

New York City can’t rebound without Broadway. And Broadway’s road back is uncertain.

Another problem is a fragmentation of responsibilities: Union members on Broadway are employed by producers, not theater owners, and it is the latter who would have to pay for structural upgrades such as ventilation. According to Schumacher, of Disney Theatrical Group, before his company moved its now shuttered musical “Frozen” to Broadway, he split the […]

7 highly anticipated Bay Area restaurants still opening this fall

Marlena The pandemic may have shaped Serena Chow and David Fisher’s forthcoming San Francisco restaurant, Marlena in terms of service, but the project’s culinary approach — using fine-dining techniques to create affordable comfort food — has been set in stone for more than a year. Chow and Fisher are opening Marlena in the former Hillside […]

Catechism classes go online with augmented reality

Virtual classrooms and augmented reality are adding a new sheen to weekly catechism classes in the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church with an enterprising Sunday school teacher from Kothamangalam taking the initiative to deploy new technology as COVID-19 continues to prevent normal classroom learning.

Devotees are pushing through ‘C’ of obstacles

However, the biggest problem with the opening up places of worship has been the economic activity outside religious places and the long queues. “We are doing everything in our capacity to maintain the covid protocols and see to it that no one is infected. However, there is no way to control the carnival-like crowd gathering […]

When the Pony Express came to SF, it was party time

Every corner in San Francisco has an astonishing story to tell. Gary Kamiya’s Portals of the Past tells those lost stories, using a specific location to illuminate San Francisco’s extraordinary history — from the days when giant mammoths wandered through what is now North Beach to the Gold Rush delirium, the dot-com madness and beyond. […]

Japan opposition reunites as ruling party picks new leader

Yukio Edano, the leader newly elected after two opposition parties’ merger, speaks during a news conference in Tokyo on Thursday, Sept. 10, 2020. A 149-member group on Thursday chose Edano, a lawyer-turned politician, as new leader and decided to adopt the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, the name of the party he previously headed, as […]