Boris Johnson’s fiancée Carrie Symonds says Sir David Attenborough’s show warning of mass extinction of wildlife left her in TEARS – as she pleads: ‘Everyone should watch this, it’s time to act’

We overload the land with nitrates and phosphates, overgraze it, burn it, overburden it with unsuitable varieties of crops, and spray it with pesticides so killing the soil invertebrates that bring it to life. Many soils are losing their topsoil and changing from rich ecosystems brimming with fungi, worms, specialist bacteria and a host of […]

Police manage to tackle 30 topless women Extinction Rebellion chained to Parliament in just two hours – despite needing 12 hours to move in when they disrupted newspaper print works

The 51 Extinction Rebellion activists charged over the blockade of printing presses in Hertfordshire Natalie Brecht, 45, who gave no address was remanded in custody to appear before Hatfield Magistrates’ Court today. Sally Davidson, aged 33, from Byards Croft, LondonChristopher Smith, aged 43, of Blagdon Road, New MaldenWill Farbrother, aged 39, of Forest Road, WalthamstowSarah Ingram, aged […]

How sharks lost their bones: Ancient fossils reveal the cartilage-based skeletons of sharks may have evolved from bony fish

However, sharks have far more reason to be afraid of humans. We kill up to a million of them a year, often just cutting off their fins to make into soup and throwing the rest of the shark back into the water, where it starves or drowns. 

Fox-Sized Relative of Triceratops Discovered in Venezuela

“Climate models had suggested that the equatorial regions may have been isolated from other regions by extensive deserts on either side, which may have acted as a barrier to prevent large animals reaching this region,” Barrett said. “However, plant fossils from the area, and the discovery of Laquintasaura, suggest that the climate must have been […]

This recession looks set to drag on for months unless tough decisions are made soon

We hope the cancellation is solely due to Covid restrictions — as the Sussexes claim — and nothing to do with Harry and Meghan signing a £112million deal with Amazon’s rival Netflix recently.

Twenty protesters to be hit with £10,000 fines for trying to bring London to a halt

“Throughout this period we have become increasingly concerned the organisers of these events have not always taken all reasonable measures to limit the risk of transmission of Coronavirus, thereby posing a risk, not only to those involved, but the wider public and communities of London.

Apocalypse Soon: 9 Terrifying Signs of Environmental Doom and Gloom

6. Drought in California Sometimes you have too much water, sometimes too little. We’re four years into California’s drought and there’s no telling when it will end. The problem has gotten so bad that thousands of residents in California’s Central Valley have no running water. Andrew Lockman, manager of the county’s Office of Emergency Services, […]

The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here

Possibly worse than rising ocean temperatures is the acidification of the waters. Acidification has a direct effect on mollusks and other marine animals with hard outer bodies: A striking study last year showed that, along the West Coast, the shells of tiny snails are already dissolving, with as-yet-unknown consequences on the ecosystem. One of the study’s […]

Alarmists Blame ‘Climate Change’ for Wildfires, Rains, Heat Waves

“The planet is showing signs it’s in peril,” declares a Reuters article Thursday. “In recent weeks, the world has seen ferocious wildfires in the U.S. West, torrential rains in Africa, weirdly warm temperatures on the surface of tropical oceans, and record heat waves from California to the Siberian Arctic.”

Earth barreling toward ‘Hothouse’ state not seen in 50 million years, epic new climate record shows

“We now know more accurately when it was warmer or colder on the planet and have a better understanding of the underlying dynamics and the processes that drive them,” lead study author Thomas Westerhold, Director of the University of Bremen Center for Marine Environmental Sciences in Germany, said in the statement. “The time from 66 […]