New world order, Illuminati and the false prophets

And many overzealous Christians join the fray without understanding the crux of the matter. This piece is necessary because not everyone is equally gifted with mental rigour or enough information to see through the demagoguery and process their lies. It serves as a critical caveat to my fellow simple Christians to beware of these merchants […]

Life after citizenship in West Bengal’s Cooch Behar

The need for fake parentsBefore the exchange of enclaves, people living in the adjoining areas that were part of the Indian mainland were often presented as the parents of children from the enclaves. This helped them get admission in schools and colleges, and avail treatment in government hospitals. Sadly, even three years after getting citizenship, […]

Breaking the yoke of grief after unemployment

“There is need to address the stress that comes with abrupt job loss, long periods of unemployment, and job hunting. We need to encourage those of us who are enduring such excruciating periods to speak about their experiences. Being vocal about this situation might help them realise that they are not going through it alone. […]