Black Swan, The Fighter: Hollywood’s Bad Mother Obsession

In Robert Redford’s Oscar-winning directorial debut, Ordinary People (1980), Conrad (Timothy Hutton) attempts suicide after a boating accident that killed his brother and is now visiting a compassionate psychiatrist (Judd Hirsch) who is helping him to put his life back in order. The chief obstacle to his recovery—in a recapitulation of the Freudian catechism so […]

Should mother’s milk be produced in the lab?

Even if the companies can get that far, there will still be much absent from a bulk milk tank. And that extends beyond breast milk’s immunological properties. The production of breast milk is a dynamic process. It changes not only over the course of a breastfeeding term but also over an individual feeding, and even […]

Nightmare for lockdown new mums who are facing coronavirus without support

“I am extremely disappointed the Government has still not recognised the urgency of this issue and at least responded in part to our report,” says Catherine McKinnell MP, the Committee’s chairwoman. “Particularly given the PM’s personal commitment to review it.

The kindness of strangers: should surrogates get paid?

Each new baby is introduced to French’s boys, who were two, four and nine when the Smith twins were born. “My eldest was like, ‘As long as you’re not going to bring it home and let it play with my toys, I’m happy.’” French and her sons have an ongoing relationship with all the families […]

How We Work Now: Warner Music Artist Services’ VP/Head of Global Retail & Licensing Alix Kram

I think we all feel a little bit tied to our computer screens. But the music industry as a whole is so relationship-based, so trying to pivot that into a virtual world has its upsides and downsides. The upside is I’m seeing people on Zoom and Teams and Video that I would have otherwise just […]

Pregnant Ashley James reveals she was rushed to hospital with mystery pains and praises boyfriend Tom for waiting outside the ward for 10 hours

‘I definitely do not take for granted him. But I’m also very proud of myself for all the work that I did to get to a stage to have a healthy relationship, so long may it last.’   

Serena Williams knocked out of the US Open by Victoria Azarenka

It seemed a minor setback when Williams missed the chance to break for 2-0 in the second set, but that gave Azarenka a foothold and she grabbed it. She began to dictate from the middle of the court, marching to her chair after breaking for a second time to win the set.

Pregnant Dani Dyer covers up her blossoming baby bump in a £519 black Balmain hoodie as she heads food shopping

‘I’m literally living in six outfits, I’ve got two pairs of jeans that I bought from Zara that are like a paper bag and four tight dresses, the ones that are really stretchy.