NFL Planning Full Season With Full Stadiums — Is It Optimism Or Arrogance?

Certainly, unquestionably, everyone would love to have the NFL in action in the fall. At a time when it’s unsettling to encounter even one stranger in an open space, the foreign idea of having 75,000 strangers packed into a stadium without a worry in the world is a rare pleasant thought to hold. It’s nice […]

What we loved, gasped at, and were disappointed by in the World Cup

Miller: The lack of free-to-air coverage. It’s old-hat, I know, and we’ve dealt with it in our very English manner for the past 15 years. But the incredulity of my colleagues from overseas brought it home to me, just how isolated and irrelevant English cricket has allowed itself to become in the past generation. The […]

Olympic sports fret over lost Games income

The Singapore-based International Table Tennis Federation has already taken steps, with “the Executive Committee agreeing to reduce their expenses and senior staff offering to take a salary reduction,” said marketing director Matt Pound, but, he added,”further cuts will take place if needed.”