‘I Don’t Think Anybody Alive Can Tell Me What to Do’

It can be disarming talking to Willie Nelson. The Grammy-winning country legend — one of like five or six human beings on earth allowed to be considered a legitimate legend — speaks slowly, yet to the point. He takes long pauses. It doesn’t matter that he already knows what he’s going to say. He’s had […]

24 Black Bookstagrammers Who Should Be On Your Radar

A recent book I loved: I have read a lot of great books so far this year — 2020 has provided a ton of reasons to escape in a book. One favorite is With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo. Emoni, a high school senior with adult responsibilities, is trying to manage her senior […]

The best iPhone apps (July 2020)

Walli — Cool Wallpapers HD A fantastic background wallpaper can go a long way, allowing you to customize your iPhone while showing off the brilliant display. Walli is a free app that enables you to browse a collection of wallpaper designed for your device. We tested out some of the most popular background wallpaper apps […]

Amazon Echo vs. Dot vs. Show vs. Plus: Which Echo should you buy in 2020?

The frames come with clear, non-prescription lenses which you can replace with your own prescription. They are also equipped with four micro-speakers and two microphones in the temples so that you can hear Alexa, and she can hear you. There is a small LED indicator light on the inside of the frames, so you know […]

An alternate history of the moon landing, brought to you by deepfakes

Creating the illusion To create the visual side of the project, MIT partnered with an Israeli company called Canny A.I., which carries out what it calls video dialog replacement. This process, which could one day conceivably replace subtitles in movies, allows video makers to use “A.I. magic” to tweak existing source video showing a person […]

Jordan Klepper on ‘Weaponizing’ His White Privilege

On how to take the perfect celebrity mugshot “It’s my Sinatra moment, I have to be ready for it. It’s Johnny Cash, it’s Sinatra, it’s Tim Allen at the Kalamazoo airport. You have to prep for that face. So much of jail is downtime where they move you around from cell to cell but I […]

The Antidote by Oliver Burkeman – review

Maybe it would be better to jettison the H word altogether. Even the father of positive psychology, Martin Seligman, has pretty much abandoned it, preferring instead to talk about flourishing, the thing that Aristotle saw as the highest human good. When we flourish, we do often feel happy, but that’s simply an effect of the […]

NZ author’s thriller snapped up by Hollywood

“We don’t always appreciate our writers who aren’t in the running for the Booker Prize. As you know, that’s three writers in almost 50 years. They’re the only ones that get attention, but we have all these other writers who’ve actually been incredibly successful.”

Phoebe Bridgers’s 10 Favorite Books

The kind of book you finish and walk around in a weird fog for a couple days. The coolest thing to me about George Saunders is his ability to create wildly different characters, and make you empathize with each one. As someone who writes pretty much exclusively from my own perspective, this is a mysterious […]