North Korea’s Kim to reconsider year-end projects in wake of typhoon damage: state media

The typhoon damage left North Korea “with the situation in which we cannot help but change the direction of our struggle after comprehensively considering the year-end tasks that were under way … “ Kim said in a statement carried by KCNA.

North Korea’s Kim urges quick recovery from typhoon damage

In this photo provided by the North Korean government, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un speaks during a Workers’ Party meeting in Pyongyang, North Korea, Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2020. Kim during the high-level political conference called for urgent efforts to rebuild thousands of homes and other structures destroyed by Typhoon Maysak that slammed the country’s […]

Nearly 60 bridges, 2,000 houses wrecked by typhoon in North Korea

Maysak “destroyed or inundated” more than 2,000 houses and tens of public buildings in the affected regions, the official KCNA news agency said, while 60 kilometres of roads and 59 bridges collapsed, with over 3,500 metres of railway roadbeds “swept away”. Natural disasters tend to have a greater impact in the North due to its […]

North Korea military parade will ‘send a message’ to the world

North Korea scales down jingoism on 70th birthday Stalled peace process In a historic meeting with US President Donald Trump in June, Kim pledged to work toward denuclearizing the Korean peninsula. But Kim’s efforts to ease tensions with the US have stalled since the Singapore meeting. While Washington insists Pyongyang commits to denuclearization first, the […]

North Korea massive military parade will ‘send a message’ to the world

‘Suggestive’ submarine launched missile test Satellite imagery of a North Korean shipyard last week showed activity suggestive of preparations for a test of a medium-range submarine-launched ballistic missile, the US Center for Strategic and International Studies reported last Friday.

Typhoons blow North Koreas economic plans further off course

While the problems are unlikely to pose a threat to Kim`s rule, North Korea will need to make significant domestic and foreign policy changes to head off steadily worsening living conditions, growing economic problems and a declining humanitarian situation in the next year or two, according to Chad O`Carroll, CEO of the Korea Risk Group, […]

North Korea’s military action against South likely “postponed, not canceled,” analysts warn

Other experts say the North would be seeking something major from the South, possibly a commitment to resume operations at a shuttered joint factory park in Kaesong, which was where the liaison office was located, or restart South Korean tours to the North’s Diamond Mountain resort. Those steps are prohibited by the international sanctions against […]

Trump Willing To Try Engagement With North Korea Regime: Seoul

“We hope the new government will correct the problems that we have encountered and take effective measures and positions as soon as possible to remove the obstacles that have been placed on the road to good relations between our two countries,” Wang said in comments in front of reporters.

North Korea issued shoot-to-kill orders to prevent coronavirus from entering the country: Report

The North introduced a new “buffer zone, one or two kilometers up on the Chinese border,” Abrams was quoted as saying by AFP during an online conference organized by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington on Thursday.

U.S. Commander: North Korea Issued Order to Kill China Smugglers to Block Coronavirus

General Abrams, speaking to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in an interview streamed online, asserted that the negative effects of international sanctions on North Korea’s economy had increased significantly since the outbreak began. Rather than attempting to continue illegal trade with China — once described as North Korea’s “only game in town” economically […]