COVID-19: GoAir offers to fly migrant workers to home states during lockdown

Mumbai: No-frills carrier GoAir on Saturday evinced interest in flying thousands of stranded migrant workers in various states to the airports closer to their homes amid the lockdown across the country, and said it has approached the government on this issue. With both passenger train and flight services shut till April 14 and no source […]

Home movers given up to three months to extend mortgages due to coronavirus

Gareth Shaw, head of money at Which?, said: “It is positive to see lenders taking a proactive approach, and this latest initiative will provide some relief for home movers who have had to halt purchases.

Coronavirus update| The long walk home: Lockdown, fear of Covid-19 spark exodus from Delhi

Among the sea of people in the crowd was Nabeela Begum, a homemaker, from Bihar’s Gopalganj. She said, “I have no idea how long it is going to take to get a bus. I don’t know where the buses are headed. But once I am somewhere in the middle of Uttar Pradesh, I will feel […]

Longtime worker at Redmond nursing home killed by virus

Emerald Heights said in an emailed statement Friday the employee had worked there for 27 years before she died Monday. It declined to release further information about her identity or her job, citing privacy concerns, except to say she worked in a non-clinical capacity serving residents throughout its campus.

Maine delays tax deadline, steps up help for nursing homes

Maine is the only state in the country with a significant fishery for baby eels, which are called elvers. The eels are often worth more than $2,000 per pound and the harvest takes place in rivers and streams every spring. Maine marine resources commissioner Patrick Keliher delayed the start of this year’s fishery, scheduled to […]

Vermont cases up more than 50%; 7 more nursing home cases

“All of us at the Health Department are deeply concerned with the news of these additional positive cases” Vermont Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine said in a Saturday statement. “Unfortunately, this new coronavirus can be very serious, especially for vulnerable Vermonters, and we have seen long-term care facilities across the country struggle to contain the […]

4 test positive for virus at care home whose resident died

“We encourage all Vermonters to use this time of social distancing as an opportunity to reconnect with family, friends, and your community in responsible ways,” Levine said. “Use technology to communicate, enjoy the outdoors, take time to learn … a new skill, follow up on long overdue projects, volunteer to support those who are in […]

Grim find: Bodies of virus victims in Spanish nursing homes

“Spain has turned a right to being properly cared for, as enshrined in our laws, into a business that benefits from saving costs,” Vázquez said, adding that private facilities have been even more opaque than usual since authorities trying to halt the spread of the coronavirus closed the residences to visitors earlier this month.

At a nursing home for L.A.’s wealthy, coronavirus diagnoses stir anger and questions

The question of who should, and should not, be admitted to a nursing home is becoming a matter of heated debate between among industry leaders, many of whom are desperate to keep the deadly virus out of their nursing homes, and regulators trying to make sure there are places for people in need.

The Median Home Values in Atlanta

Given that jump, you’ll want to know the worth of an average-sized condo, townhouse, or single family home in your neighborhood. See what’s happening with housing values and home sales in your community, to help you decide whether it’s the right time to buy — or sell.