Machine that processes 15,000 swabs per day, a 20-second saliva test and £28-a-go nostril sample analyser: How accurate are the tests being lined up for Boris Johnson’s ‘Operation Moonshot’ plan to check 10million people a DAY?

Minutes after the plans were unveiled by Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the Downing Street press briefing, Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said the technology was not yet available, warning he should not put a date on when it would be because ‘that’s not how science works’.

PM Johnson’s ‘Moonshot’ COVID Testing is Waste of Resources & Likely to Fail, UK Health Experts Say

“The reason for this is because after you have been exposed, there is a 2 to 14 day window when the virus may be incubating and latent and not detectable by routine diagnostic testing,” the professor explains. “So, even if you test a proportion of the population every day, you are going to miss the […]

Haryana allows walk-in Covid-19 tests; Gurugram aims for 3,000 daily tests

The revised ICMR advisory systematically lists out the scope of testing in containment zones, in non-containment areas, hospitals and for the first time provides for on-demand testing with simplified modalities. While now anyone can be tested, the advisory also includes those with existing respiratory illnesses, patient with atypical manifestations (stroke, encephalitis, acute coronary symptoms, gastrointestinal […]

Government set to crackdown on young people spreading Covid after Britain reports 30 more deaths from Covid-19 in biggest spike for six weeks and 2,420 more people test positive for the disease

At the same time, cases in over 80 year olds have dropped drastically since the height of the pandemic, when they made up the majority of Covid-19 cases, and have halved since July. Infections have stayed stable among those in their 60s and 70s, while very slightly increasing in those between the ages of 40 to […]

Latest Coronavirus News in Vietnam & Southeast Asia September 12

ADB Financial Sector Specialist for Southeast Asia Benita Ainabe said the Disaster Resilience Improvement Programme will support government policy reforms aimed at ensuring the government to quickly address the needs of vulnerable segments of the population following disasters. It will also strengthen the Philippines’ overall response to disasters and pandemics.

The cure is worse than the disease: Dr JOHN LEE argues that the coronavirus lockdown could cause more long-term harm that the illness itself

On the contrary, the bullying is becoming more intense, reflected in the appointment of Covid marshals and the ritualistic orders to wear masks. The great Irish author C S Lewis wrote that ‘of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to […]

Parliament proceedings | Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla asks members to remain seated while speaking

The 18-day Monsoon Session of Parliament began on Monday during which Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha will sit in shifts without any break. While on the first day of the session on Monday, Lok Sabha is sitting in the morning from 9 am to 1 pm, Rajya Sabha is sitting in the evening starting at […]

Coronavirus: Tighter rules on visors, masks and contacts

Other places where a mask must be worn include: takeaway restaurants, estate agents and beauty salons, aquariums, indoor zoos or visitor farms, and any other indoor tourist, heritage or cultural site. You will also need them in banks, building societies, credit unions, cinemas, community centres and post offices.

Gatherings of more than six people will be banned from Monday: £100 fines to enforce new limit on meeting indoors and outdoors across England – but schools, weddings and funerals are exempt

In other words, we are seeing the unavoidable effects of the reopening of shops and businesses, and the gradual return to work and school. It was always going to happen, but knowledge is one thing, cold, hard reality quite another. No wonder the Government is feeling slightly jittery, and that the mood music emanating from […]

Spotlight: U.S. college strives to protect students from COVID-19 after reopening campus

BOSTON, the United States, Sept. 8 (Xinhua) — While many U.S. colleges including its prestigious neighbor across the Charles River, Harvard University, have started the fall semester fully online, Boston University (BU) found itself going the extra mile to ensure all the students who chose to live on campus under a hybrid learning mode are […]