Army’s most senior officer rejects Donald Trump’s claim that generals pursue war to enrich defense firms saying troops are ONLY sent to fight as ‘a last resort’

Most of the military budget goes nowhere near the ‘industrial’ part of the complex, with the majority spent on pay and benefits, including veterans affairs, reflecting the cost both of professional armed forces and the ongoing care of those who served in earlier eras of mass mobilization and the most recent post-2001 conflicts. 

How to watch the Star Wars movies in order … the perfect order, that is

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope Solo: A Star Wars Story (Option A) Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith Solo: A Star Wars Story (Option B) Star […]

How hero Royal Navy doctor saved 1,000 lives on both sides during the Falklands War

The whole thing must have been a horror show for him. Ironically, some of the least burned areas of his upper body were the most painful, because the flash burning caused by the bomb detonations had lifted the superficial layers of the skin and exposed the nerve endings.

At Least 37 Million People Displaced by US War on Terror, Study Finds

Like Somalia, Yemen has seen war rage for decades. The US began airstrikes in Yemen in 2002, pursuing al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, but conditions deteriorated catastrophically in 2015, when Saudi Arabia and several of its allies, including the US, launched a war against the Yemeni Houthi movement. The ongoing war, in which Saudi, Emirati […]

How US Army spent millions developing Star Wars-like walking robots to navigate rough terrain in the 1980s

Prototype hybrids of each vehicle are being built as part of a £3 million investment from the Ministry of Defence to find ways to reduce its carbon footprint but no specific details have been revealed for the individual costs of the vehicles.

Another five people die from coronavirus in England bringing deaths total to 29,661 while another 244 cases are reported in Scotland

Speaking about the rise in cases, Peter Openshaw, professor of experimental medicine, Imperial College London, said a ‘trickle’ of cases can turn into a ‘cascade’, adding that if people do not abide by the ‘rule of six’ now then the country faces going back into ‘hard lockdown’.

Star Wars Episode IX to feature previously unseen footage of the late Carrie Fisher

Carrie, who played Princess Leia, died suddenly in December 2016 at age 60 after suffering a heart attack just as she was enjoying a career revival with the re-invigorated Star Wars movie franchise that reunited her with original cast members Mark and Harrison Ford in the 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Robert De Niro Comedy ‘The War With Grandpa’ Eyes October Wide Release Via 101 Studios – Update

The War With Grandpa follows Peter (Oakes Fegley) and his Grandpa Jack (Robert De Niro). The two used to be very close but when Grandpa Jack moves in with the family, Peter is forced to give up his most prized possession: his bedroom. Peter will stop at nothing to get his room back, scheming with […]

At least 37M people displaced by War on Terror: researchers

The report comes as the number of refugees admitted to the U.S. has decreased under President TrumpDonald John TrumpTed Cruz, longtime fan of ‘The Princess Bride,’ swipes at cast members’ plans to reunite to raise money for Democrats Trump casts wide net in Labor Day press conference Biden vows to be ‘strongest labor president you’ve […]

The Sims 4’s Star Wars expansion is out now

Captain’s log, stardate 74156.3. We’ve encountered an entity calling itself ‘Electronic Arts’, which demonstrates godlike powers and treats human lives as pawns in a game for its own twisted enjoyment. It tells us we are its latest toys, and our homes, our heroes, and our decor shall join the fantasy it calls The Sims 4, […]