‘I just love sex. I once counted the number of partners I’d had… don’t even ask!’: It’s the memoir of the year – now read JAN MOIR’s interview with BARBARA AMIEL that’s so frank and funny you’ll never look at whipped cream the same way again

Conrad has urged her to start shopping at Chanel again, to cheer herself up, but so far she has resisted. ‘Buying Chanel is such a cliché it makes me ill, but the thing is it always fits. I don’t have to have alterations. Conrad is always saying, Barbara, you don’t have to skimp this way, […]

Agony of not being able to hug my beloved mum: Thirty-minute slots in a freezing garden. Forced to sit far apart. After months banned from her mother’s dementia care home, SAM PARTINGTON describes a heartbreaking reunion that will strike a chord with so ma

Nearly six years ago, Julia Jones and I founded John’s Campaign, following the death of my father Dr John Gerrard (after whom it is named). Having witnessed his dramatic deterioration in hospital, when he was separated from his family because of an outbreak of infection, bewildered and alone, Julia and I pledged that other people […]

Michael Palin recalls singing to the late Terry Jones and forgetting all of the words

Palin – who met Jones when they were students at Oxford in the 1960s and went on to form Monty Python with John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle and Terry Gilliam – said he had previously managed to Jones laugh.

Andrea McLean, 50, admits she finds sex ‘excruciating’ post-menopause and she asks her husband to stop

“But you can feel great, you can feel normal, you can feel like a little minx like you did in your twenties, but you just do everything a bit differently.”

JK Rowling Earned £1,560 a Word For Writing ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, Study Claims

“We analysed the best-selling books across the world by living authors, and found that Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is the highest-earning book, earning JK Rowling a whopping £1,560-a-word,” a spokesperson for The Knowledge Academy said in a statement to The Sun. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ came in the third […]

Trump damns himself with his own words

To put that in perspective, according to just one analysis — from researchers at Columbia University — the US could have prevented roughly 36,000 Covid deaths and 700,000 infections if social distancing measures had been put in place one week earlier than March 15, when the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention first issued […]

Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sister Supports Ankita Lokhande Over Her War Of Words With Shibani Dandekar

‘Don’t Even Bother To Clarify,’ Sushant’s Sister Tells Ankita Lokhande Shweta retweeted Ankita’s Twitter post and wrote, “Don’t even bother to clarify my dear. We are here for a cause and that is to know the whole truth, and we will keep pursuing that regardless! #WarriorsRoar4SSR.”

University Puts White Professor on Paid Leave for Using N-Word in Class

In February, the University of Oklahoma experienced two incidents where faculty members used racially-charged words. Journalism professor Peter Gade stepped down after telling a class that the phrase “OK, boomer” was comparable to referring to someone as the “N-word.” Two weeks later, history professor Kathleen Brosnan read parts of a U.S. Senate debate from the […]

Ten words to understand China

Perhaps the most interesting section is the one in which he dwells on the meaning and associations of the word “copycat”. It’s not just counterfeiting and infringement, but also deviations from the standard, mischief, and caricature. It has, Hua feels, an anarchist spirit that has penetrated deep into the country’s culture. Thus, there aren’t merely […]