Trump Admin Doc Reportedly Warns of Financial Disaster of Climate Change

To help prepare for the risk, the report from the commission recommends that the Financial Stability Oversight Council, created by the Treasury Department after the 2008 crisis, includes climate risk in its annual assessment. It also recommends that the Federal Reserve supports international coalitions that handle climate threats, and calls for the Labor Department to […]

Tiny Sea Creatures Might Hold Secret to Slowing Climate Change

The camera took images of the tiny creature at the center of a sometimes 3-foot diameter of intricately constructed mucus. It was only when the crew deployed their new laser scanning device that they were able to explore the interiors of the mucus structure. That’s when they discovered the creatures vital role in the ecosystem.

Fires raise fight over climate change before Trump’s visit

At a rally in Nevada, Trump blamed the way states have run the land, saying “it is about forest management.” White House adviser Peter Navarro echoed that Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” saying that for many years in California, “particularly because of budget cutbacks, there was no inclination to manage our forests.”

Carlson: Democrats Connecting Wildfires, Climate Change ‘About Blaming and Ritually Humiliating’ the Middle Class for Electing Someone They Don’t Like

Gavin Newsom was asked last month whether he would consider revising his stance given that the blackouts have left millions of Californians without power and presumably killed people because that’s what happens when you don’t have electricity. And Newsom responded this way, quote: “We are going to radically change the way we produce and consume […]

There Are 100 Companies Responsible for Climate Change, Activist Says

“Whilst, I am proud to live in a country which upholds people’s rights to peacefully protest, I am also proud to live in a country which supports a free press. Extinction Rebellion’s blockading of prints work was not only a denial of this great British value but an attack on democracy. This authoritarianism should be […]

US report warns climate change could create economic chaos

That could happen through a “disorderly repricing of assets” that has “cascading effects” on investment portfolios and balance sheets. And those impacts could be amplified by the fact that Corporate America is sitting on record amounts of debt, which could leave some industries vulnerable to a shock.

Why is the Climate Change Movement so White?

“What’s happened is with XR and Greta, there’s become a climate illiteracy and we’ve gone backward where people now think that because it gets good content, it’s about sustainable fashion or personal waste reduction, it means that instead of the climate crisis being about humanitarian disasters, indigenous rights there’s this kind of dumbing down, because […]

The Point of No Return: Climate Change Nightmares Are Already Here

James Hansen, the dean of climate scientists, retired from NASA in 2013 to become a climate activist. But for all the gloom of the report he just put his name to, Hansen is actually somewhat hopeful. That’s because he knows that climate change has a straightforward solution: End fossil-fuel use as quickly as possible. If […]

Farmers in Germany feel the heat of climate change

Tackling climate change on the field How to be healthy Healthy soil, says Felix zu Löwenstein, Chairman of the German Federation of the Organic Food Industry, has much to do with how much humus and how much life exists within it. The higher the content, the greater the soil’s ability to absorb water, making it […]

Wall Street watchdog calls for carbon pricing, better prep for climate change

“Climate change poses a major risk to the stability of the U.S. financial system and to its ability to sustain the American economy,” the report states, adding that climate change is “anticipated to impact nearly every facet of the economy.”