Lawsuit: Police fired 31 times at wounded man on ground

“The truth must be told about how Juston was killed,” his sister, Jennifer Root Bannon, said in a emailed statement. “The officers and trooper must be held accountable for their egregious actions and misconduct unloading their weapons and shooting 31 times while he was on the ground, bleeding and barely conscious.”

Epic lawsuit vs. Apple’s 30% App Store cut aims for leverage, pressure, and a better deal

How much should Apple’s cut be to distribute apps: 20% or 10%? What implications will the Epic-Apple face-off have for Google?Will other developers with clout join the Epic fray?And will any of these issues garner antitrust scrutiny or give developers some legal wins?Update: A couple of hours after its saga against Apple kicked off, Fortnite […]

Feds: Yale Discriminates Against Asian, White Applicants

“Given our commitment to complying with federal law, we are dismayed that the DOJ has made its determination before allowing Yale to provide all the information the Department has requested thus far,” the university said in a statement. “Had the Department fully received and fairly weighed this information, it would have concluded that Yale’s practices […]

More Churches Sue to Challenge COVID-19 Restrictions

They’re the latest in a long series of legal challenges, many of them in California, pitting clerics and houses of worship who believe they should be exempt from certain restrictions on public gatherings against governors who insist the measures are needed to rein in the pandemic. Most of the suits have been rebuffed; some have […]

Epic Games sues Apple over ‘monopolistic practices’

Specifically, the lawsuit accuses Apple of using “anti-competitive restraints and monopolistic practices” in both the distribution of software and the processing of payments on iOS devices. At the same time, it notes, developers on other Apple hardware, such as Macs and Macbooks, are free to operate in an open market, using external stores or direct […]

Epic sues Google after Fortnite is kicked off the Play Store

The Google Play takedown isn’t the Earth-shaker that the App Store removal is. For one thing, Fortnite has only been available on the Play Store since April anyway; prior to that, it was available to install through the web. Epic wanted an exception to the Play Store’s 30 percent fee, but Google refused to budge. […]

U.S. Postal Service warns that Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballot laws could cause some votes not to be counted

The State Department’s filing asked the state Supreme Court to allow mail-in ballots to be counted if they’re received by counties up to three days after the election so long as they were postmarked by Election Day. It was a concession to the plaintiffs, a handful of voters and the Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans, […]

Public warned over criminals using celebrities to promote fake investments

“Celebrity endorsements are just one way criminals can promote bogus schemes online. People should not be fooled by images of luxury items such as expensive watches and cars, and posts on social media showing extravagant lifestyles, which are often used to persuade you to invest.

Trump admits he’s blocking postal cash to stop mail-in votes

Trump’s statements, including the false claim that Democrats are seeking universal mail-in voting, come as he is searching for a strategy to gain an advantage in his November matchup against Joe Biden. He’s pairing the tough Postal Service stance in congressional negotiations with an increasingly robust mail-in-voting legal fight in states that could decide the […]

Mass testing being done at Kentucky prison where virus found

The outbreak this spring at the Green River Correctional Complex resulted in 417 virus cases among inmates and staff, Brown said. Of them, 392 have recovered. To contain the virus’s spread, officials separated inmates into housing units based on their health conditions.