Emmy Predictions 2020: Outstanding Television Movie – Netflix Has Four Of Five Nominees Including ‘El Camino’ But Is This Breaking ‘Bad Education’ For HBO?

An interactive ‘movie’ follow-up to the Netflix sitcom, this is a nice romp for creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, but it pales in comparison to the other films here, which at least have some semblance of cinematic intent. Still, the Academy has shown they loved the series, so maybe they want to make it […]

Hispanic Heritage Month on Netflix: All the alternatives

Teenage Bounty Hunters is a drama-comedy series about twins Sterling and Blair, who try to balance their teenage life in an exclusive school with an unusual career: being a bounty hunter. Directed by Venezuelan Diego Velasco, it also features Charity Cervantes.

Members of Congress demand Netflix is investigated by DOJ for ‘distributing child porn’ after outrage over ‘Cuties’ which viewers claim ‘sexualizes young girls and could encourage pedophilia’

‘The fact that mainstream media is making the pedophile-fodder of #Cuties into a right-v-left thing should truly embarrass anyone who is on the political left. Protecting children should be universal, not relegate to one side of the political spectrum,’ wrote user JD Rucker.   

‘Netflix is comfortable with this’: Viewers highlight twerking 11-year-olds as they call on the streaming giant to cancel controversial ‘Cuties’ film after its premiere

According to Doucouré – and several film critics – the movie is meant to offer commentary on the dangers of society sexualizing its youth, however that message was completely lost in translation thanks in large part to Netflix’s ‘hyper-sexualized’ depiction of the film and its young stars. 

The Seven Best Shows and Films to Stream This Weekend on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon

Slooooooooow from Norway: Slow TV (Netflix, August 5) Norway’s slow TV trend is coming to Netflix, with hours upon hours of footage of a train ride, knitting, salmon fishing and more. It’s exactly what it sounds like—the antithesis of an action-packed show, one that can be left running in the background while viewers are socializing, […]

‘Cuties’: The Controversy Around the ‘Sexualised’ Netflix Movie Explained

Its originator wrote on the site: “As I have been researching content that exploits children and creates a disturbing vibe, I have found many shows and movies on Netflix to have similar inappropriate behaviors as Cuties, the movie this petition was originally based off. As Netflix has chosen to ignore the petition and the wishes […]

Has India stumped Netflix and Amazon Prime Video?

‘While many members enjoy watching Netflix at home, they also want to continue their binge while on airplanes, and other places where the internet is limited or expensive. This new feature on phones and tablets on Android and iOS makes it even easier to watch Netflix on the go. At this point in time, we […]

Netflix and Chills: Every New Scary Movie and TV Show Streaming on Netflix for Halloween Time

Cadaver (October 22) Cadaver is a Norwegian psychological horror film that takes us on a journey where humanity is being put to a test and stars among others Gitte Witt, Thorbjørn Harr, Thomas Gullestad) and Kingsford Siayor. In the starving aftermath of a nuclear disaster, Leonora (Gitte Witt), Jacob (Thomas Gullestad) and their daughter Alice […]

Why Netflix Will Never Run Commercial Breaks According to Co-Founder

RELATED: Rebecca Trailer: Lily James & Armie Hammer Remake the Hitchcock Classic for Netflix “It’s definitely not a rule. It’s a judgment call… It’s a belief we can build a better business, a more valuable business [without advertising]. You know, advertising looks easy until you get in it. Then you realize you have to rip […]

Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween First Look and Release Date Revealed at Netflix

This is the latest in a long line of collaborations between Steve Brill and Adam Sandler that dates back 20 years. Brill directed Little Nicky and Mr. Deeds, as well as the Netflix movies Sandy Wexler and The Do-Over. Perhaps most importantly, Brill was at the helm for 100% Fresh, Sandler’s outstanding 2018 comedy special. […]