The Undertaker emotional with wife Michelle McCool in candid new backstage pictures following Survivor Series retirement

But any faint hopes his legion of fans had of seeing him back in the squared-circle have been ended by WrestlingNews, with the website claiming McMahon has accepted Undertaker is fully retired.

Maisie Smith ­– Tiffany Butcher from EastEnders – has had a dramatic transformation

Growing up, Maisie was best known for playing Bianca and Rickie’s daughter Tiffany in the BBC soap. In 2009 she won Best Dramatic Performance from a Young Actor or Actress at the British Soap Awards, followed by another win in 2011, Best Young Actor at the Inside Soap awards.

Trump pardons Flynn despite guilty plea in Russia probe

Flynn acknowledged lying during that interview by saying he had not discussed with the diplomat, Sergey Kislyak, sanctions that the outgoing Obama administration had just been imposed on Russia for election interference. During that conversation, Flynn advised that Russia be “even-keeled” in response to the punitive measures, and assured him “we can have a better […]

Dowd: America’s parasite

Trump’s xenophobic movie criticism, combined with his mocking pronunciation of the name “Buttigieg,” harked back to the days when George H.W. Bush ran in 1988 wrapped in the flag, saying he was on “the American side,” while his celebrity endorser Loretta Lynn complained that she couldn’t even pronounce the name Dukakis. Too foreign-sounding.

Dowd: Will the election turn on RBG?

With Democrats still smarting over Republicans’ refusal to consider Barack Obama’s pick of Merrick Garland for the court, this will push them over the edge, and maybe to the polls, especially women. And Trump’s base could race to vote, because the president has talked about nominating Tom Cotton or Ted Cruz, aiming to have a […]

Sabres GM Adams says he has no intention of trading Eichel

Adams, a former NHL player with no previous hockey management experience, was promoted from within the Sabres parent company, Pegula Sports and Entertainment, and immediately began a purge of the team’s front-office, minor-league staff, and scouting department.

Peter King examines increasing COVID-19 positives, postponed games in NFL

Let’s say Newton got exposed to COVID on Tuesday or Wednesday and didn’t test positive till Friday. Those around him—close contacts are defined by the NFL as being within six feet of Newton for at least 15 minutes in a day—may have been exposed for two or three days, not just Friday. In that case, […]

Xi Jinping seeks to ‘manage differences’ as he congratulates Joe Biden

China’s President Xi Jinping broke his silence on Joe Biden’s election victory, sending the US president-elect a message that he hopes to “manage differences” and focus on cooperation between the world’s two largest economies.

Kafer: After four years, here’s why this never-Trumper is voting for Trump

Age has a way of disabusing us of idealism. I was 25 when I drove across the country to Washington D.C. in a three-cylinder tin can of a car that barely made it over the Appalachians. A resume of restaurant and retail work wasn’t the most competitive on Capitol Hill, and it took me a […]

Krista L. Kafer: Rocky Mountain Gun Owners’ ruinous influence over the Republican party is waning

Brown founded RMGO in 1996 at a time when the GOP controlled both chambers of the Colorado General Assembly. The loss of the majority cannot be laid entirely at the feet of the RMGO since there were other factors such as urban population growth, but the group certainly played a role. The RMGO specializes in […]