Biden can wait no longer to choose his Secretary of Defense

No doubt there has been considerable pressure on Biden from the extreme left of his party to name someone other than Flournoy. Those who oppose her and, indeed, the other persons whose names are circulating as candidates for the defense post, also wish to disembowel America’s defense posture. They would dismantle the newly established Space […]

Who won the first presidential debate?

Biden kept his cool, and made many good points. Outshouting Trump was out of the question even for the enfeebled moderator. Biden was at his best when he ignored Trump’s rants and spoke directly to viewers. “Do you believe for a moment what he’s telling you in light of all the lies he’s told you…relating […]

Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump’s 13-second handshake is fascinating episode in gripping history of the greeting ritual

What does it all mean? (e) is eye contact (1=none; 5=direct) 5; (ve) is verbal greeting (1=totally inappropriate; 5=totally appropriate) 5; (d) is Duchenne smile – smiling in eyes and mouth, plus symmetry on both sides of face, and slower offset (1=totally non-Duchenne smile (false smile); 5=totally Duchenne) 5; (cg) completeness of grip (1=very incomplete; […]