Nigeria opens online course to curb health worker infections

It’s also working in collaboration with the Departments of Hospital Services and Food and Drugs of the Federal Ministry of Health, to ensure that health workers are provided with the required personal protective equipment to reduce the risk of health workers getting infected.

China launches campaign to improve online courses for minors

Under the campaign, all platforms setting up online classes for minors are asked to assume the main responsibility of content management on the pages, strictly examine the courses, and ban pop-up advertisements and information that are unsuitable for minors.

EU wants tech giants to do more to counter virus fake news

A senior European Union official warned online platforms like Google and Facebook on Wednesday to step up the fight against fake news coming notably from countries like China and Russia, but she praised the approach of Twitter for fact-checking a tweet by U.S. President Donald Trump. Unveiling a plan to fight disinformation linked to the […]

Give online education more teeth: FICCI

The medium-term plan would be to expand the internet connectivity and encourage blended learning methods where students can use digital resources and online courses in schools and colleges. It has suggested that the top 200 universities be given the autonomy to develop online content in regional languages.

Big Tech’s head-spinning rules for the 2020 election

Both Facebook and Twitter allow politicians to lie in posts on their platforms; misinformation sent to tens of millions of followers from the accounts of the most powerful people in the world is not against their rules. As Mark Zuckerberg has put it previously, “Facebook shouldn’t be the arbiters of truth.”

review: A perfect amount of cheap, stupid fun with online friends

Have you been looking for a good online multiplayer game that’s accessible to anyone who can use a joystick and three buttons? Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is that game. Imagine the minigame zaniness of Mario Party combined with the simple, squishy controls of Gang Beasts, then remixed to deliver the kind of fun that won’t […]

HC upholds DU decision to conduct online exam for final years courses with directions

The DU is scheduled to hold final year undergraduate online OBE from August 10-31 and the students who will be left out of online exams will be given an opportunity to appear in physical examinations, to be held sometime in September.

Listen to the BBC’s radio version of Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ trilogy online

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation novels are a cornerstone of science fiction, but getting into a vast series about, among other things, mathematically predicting the rise and fall of entire civilizations isn’t always easy. In 1973, however, the BBC adapted Foundation into a serial radio drama, capturing the original trilogy in eight hour-long episodes. These are available […]

No, Really—These Republicans Are Serious About Big Tech Antitrust

Buck also worries about America’s global competitiveness. “I commend them for building these giant companies from very humble beginnings, but you can’t allow companies now to crush innovation because they’ve gotten so large,” he said. He cited the example of PopSockets, a successful manufacturer of cell phone accessories whose CEO testified in January that Amazon […]

Call of Duty 2020 ‘will be revealed next week’ – as top-secret Cold War game leaks online

Sadly, we don’t have an exact release date beyond ‘2020’ for the new Call of Duty game. According to Activision, this is despite the ongoing global health crisis – which has created “challenges” for developers. “The shift to remote working does add complexity in some areas of the game development process,” Activision’s COO Daniel Alegre […]