The best cheap laptop deals in August 2020

If you’re looking for a Lenovo laptop, the Lenovo Yoga Book, and the Windows 10 version of it in particular, is the sort of futuristic fodder you would find in an episode of Black Mirror. It has a keyboard that doubles as a Wacom touch panel and, best of all, it’s cheap as hell. Now, […]

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra ongoing review: 7 standout and not-so-great features today

Wired headphones don’t come in the box. My colleague Patrick Holland embraces this — and maybe for you, it’s not a big deal as Samsung transitions users toward wireless earbuds like its Galaxy Buds Live (aka Galaxy Beans). But the Galaxy Buds live cost $170 and Samsung spent years touting the $99 value of the wired headphones […]

Amazon Fire HD 8 review: £90 tablet revamped for 2020

Amazon’s App Store has most of the media consumption apps you’re likely to want, including Spotify, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Netflix, Disney+ and Sky Go, and it has a fairly large range of games. But BT Sport, Google’s various apps such as YouTube and Maps, and Apple’s Music and TV are a no-go.

Apple Watch: It’s been 5 years since my original review, and it holds up

There are tons of fitness advancements Apple has made on the Watch in the last five years: GPS, resting heart rate, workout controls, social sharing, third-party app integration, swimming, modes for accessibility, activity trends — and I haven’t even discussed Apple’s massive health aspirations like adding ECG, checking for falls, monitoring elevated or irregular heart […]

Grounded Spider Silk guide: how to kill Spiders with ease

Orb Weavers should be the first type of full-sized Spider you attempt to defeat. Wolf Spiders are far tougher and should be avoided until you are more comfortable fighting these giant many-legged horrors. First thing to do when fighting Spiders is to construct and set up a Lean-To nearby (but not too close), and reset […]