Why Microsoft wants TikTok

Microsoft also has broad ambitions for artificial intelligence that go beyond just the workplace. While its initial foray into AI-powered chatbots for consumers didn’t go to plan, Microsoft does need a consumer testing ground for its AI work that goes beyond Office. TikTok already utilizes AI for facial recognition with the app’s popular filters and […]

Save $290 on this 15-inch HP touchscreen laptop for back-to-school

When students are looking for laptops, there’s a few things we like to keep in mind. Obviously price is a factor. This is a computer for school, not for business, and students can be, shall we say, less careful than older folk with their machines. So price and durability are a big factor. Also portability; […]

Computer mouse co-creator Bill English dies at 91

English played a key role in what became known as the ‘The Mother of All Demos’, a demonstration in 1968 where Engelbart used a split-screen video to show hand-controlled mouse movements on one side, and a cursor on a screen tracking those movements on the other side. 

What’s inside Perlow’s office? 15 years of working from home

Sennheiser Officerunner DECT Headset The Sennheiser Officerunner headset connects via USB to my Mac for VOIP and video calls when I don’t want to use a speaker, and it also connects to my desk IP phone. DECT transmission quality is crystal clear even if I want to take my calls a hundred feet away from […]