​Microsoft open-sources its patent portfolio

UPDATE: Microsoft clarified that it has licensed its entire patent portfolio to OIN licensees covering the Linux System. Yes, Microsoft has 90,000 total patents and the OIN covers only 60,000. But, that’s 90,000 total patent includes those that are pending. Patents that have not been issued cannot be asserted and basically do not exist yet […]

Instagram rolls out pinned comments globally

Android on Duo A closer look at Android running on the Microsoft Surface Duo (video) Microsoft’s Surface Duo is coming soon, and the company has been working hard on finalizing the version of Android that will be shipping on Surface Duo later this year. Microsoft has released several emulator builds over the last few months, […]

Microsoft teases UI overhaul and new AI features for Office 365

In context: Microsoft is always looking for ways to improve (or simply alter) the look and feel of its products and services, and it seems the company has found a new opportunity to do so with Office 365. In a freshly-published Medium post, Microsoft’s Jon Friedman lays out the tech giant’s vision for the future […]

Microsoft brings more hyper-converged hybrid cloud options to Azure

Combining the software-defined data center (SDDC) capabilities inherent in HCI along with the cloud-native opportunities of Azure Stack initially was a big step forward in getting companies to modernize their data centers from both a hardware (HCI) and a software (Azure) perspective. While it may seem logical to do so, those two modernization efforts don’t […]

In a strange, formative summer, Sony plays the long game with PS5 – and leaves Microsoft room for a comeback with Xbox Series X

Some things never changeIt was a strange, diffuse affair, all told. On a positive note, a completely remote show circuit meant that there were more stages for a much wider range of projects: plenty more indie developers got their moment in the sun as organisers looked to fill out their rosters and runtime, and thousands […]

Class action comedy: Is Microsoft stealing its business customers’ data? (Uh, no)

Those scans are designed to detect, intercept, and block malicious code, including malware, ransomware, and phishing attempts. They’re a standard part of every modern email server and cloud storage service. (For details about how these scans work, see this support document: “Malware and Ransomware Protection in Microsoft 365.”) The Security Graph API aggregates data about […]

Microsoft releases fix for Windows 10 update printer issues

Microsoft writes that the fix “addresses an issue that might prevent certain printers from printing. The print spooler might generate an error or close unexpectedly when attempting to print, and no output will come from the affected printer. You might also encounter issues with the apps you are attempting to print from, such as receiving […]

Microsoft will close out June without a big Xbox 20/20 moment

But when E3 was cancelled and remote working hindered progress on various internal game projects, it became clear Microsoft could no longer show both its boxes and next-gen games all at the same time. It had to rethink the timeline for all these plans, and instead opted to spread its reveals over a longer timescale […]

Microsoft is set to preview up to 100 Xbox One games with over 60 demos

These are not the typical demos you may find shortly before a game’s launch. According to Microsoft, they are more like what you would see at a game convention. In other words, playable alpha builds, likely containing many bugs. Still, it’s always fun to see early footage of upcoming titles, and , despite any flaws, […]

Microsoft OneDrive updates include 100GB file size boost, dark mode, new admin controls

In a bid to bring filesharing within Teams in line with other 365 apps, users will soon have the option to create sharing links that provide access to anyone, people within the same organisation, people with existing access, or specific people, including those in a private or group chat.