Islamic State group: Europe has ticking time bomb in prison camps

According to the German magazine Der Spiegel, German officials believe that a third of its nationals currently in the camps – a total of 27 men and women – are “capable of carrying out violent acts including terrorist attacks”. This, it says, explains the German government’s reluctance to bring them home.

Iran and Turkey denounce UAE over deal with Israel

The UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, called the accord “hugely good news”. He said: “It was my profound hope that annexation did not go ahead in the West Bank, and today’s agreement to suspend those plans is a welcome step on the road to a more peaceful Middle East.”

European ministers seek options to stop West Bank annexation

Some EU countries have pushed for punitive measures, including economic sanctions, as well as the possible recognition of a Palestinian state. However, the body, which makes decisions by consensus, is divided, with Israel relying on support from allies in eastern and central Europe to block moves against it.

US bombs are killing children in Yemen. Does anybody care?

This failed strategy was begun under the Obama administration, not under Trump. But when coalition fighter jets bombed a funeral hall and killed over 140 people in October 2016, the Obama administration began mulling their options. In his last weeks in office, Obama finally restricted sales of precision-guided munitions to Saudi Arabia amid concerns over […]

Houthi rebels press Yemeni president for concessions

“We will not remove the president from power,” said Abdullah Shaban, a senior Houthi leader in Sana’a. “He is the president of Yemen but it is our duty to ensure that he is not involved in corruption and involves all political factions in the decision-making. [He] will remain as long as he wishes to.

Yemeni president capitulates to the demands of Houthi rebels

On the streets of the capital, Ali Allanah, a fruit vendor located near the president’s residence said Hadi had no option but to step down. “Hadi is not the president anymore,” he said. “He can’t take care of himself let alone a country. “We only asked the president for security, thats all, and he couldn’t […]

Thousands march against Houthi faction in Yemen

Two intelligence agents in Sana’a were shot dead by gunmen on a motorbike, security sources told Reuters. Tens of thousands also demonstrated in the southern cities of Taiz and Ibb. And according to residents of the Red Sea port of Hodeida, Houthi gunmen shot and wounded four people at a protest.

UK Foreign Office urged to secure safety of three rights activists in Gulf

The MPs calling for a Foreign Office human rights intervention include the father of the house, Peter Bottomley, and they see the three cases as a test for the UK’s human rights policy in the coronavirus era. The letter coincides with the UN international day for victims of torture on Friday. All three activists claim […]

Iran nuclear deal means ‘surrender’ for western powers, says Rouhani

President Hassan Rouhani has praised a landmark nuclear deal struck in Geneva as a victory for Iran, telling a crowd it in effect meant the “surrender” of western powers to his country’s demands.

Saudi Arabian forces prepare to enter Bahrain after day of clashes

Witnesses said security forces surrounded the protesters’ tent compound, shooting tear gas and rubber bullets at the activists in the largest effort to clear the field in the middle of the roundabout since a crackdown last month that left four dead after live ammunition was fired.