Bahrain Peace Deal With Israel Gets Mixed Reaction Across Middle East

In Egypt, which in 1979 became the first country to sign a peace deal with Israel, President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi indicated in a tweet that he “values this important step towards establishing peace and stability in the Middle East, in a way that achieves a just and permanent settlement to the Palestinian issue.”

Times Network launches TIMES NOW WORLD and Mirror NOW in the Middle East

du, TIMES NOW WORLD and Mirror NOW marks its Middle East debut following the success of the network’s existing offerings in the region – TIMES NOW, ET NOW and ZoomExpanding its footprint in international markets, broadcast network, Times Network has announced the launch of TIMES NOW WORLD and Mirror NOW in the Middle East on […]

The U.S.’s Strategic Re-Pivot to the Middle Eastern Quagmire | Opinion

Dorsey notes that Sun Degang and Wu Sike, scholars with close links to the Chinese regime, asserted that the Middle East was a “key region in big power diplomacy with Chinese characteristics in a new era.” China perceives the U.S.’s reticence to commit to the Middle East as an opportunity to destabilize the region. For […]

Syrian Economy Continues to Struggle as Sanctions Bite, Shortages Hit

The economic crisis in neighboring Lebanon is also affecting the Syrian economy. Joshua Landis, who heads the Middle East Center at the University of Oklahoma, noted in a tweet that the collapse of GDP and currency in Lebanon has impacted everyone “and that the same thing is happening in Syria, where people were already very […]

Joe Biden Says He’ll Keep U.S. Troops in the Middle East if Elected President

“These ‘forever wars’ have to end. I support drawing down the troops. But here’s the problem, we still have to worry about terrorism and [the Islamic State],” Biden told military newspaper Stars and Stripes in a phone interview.

Joe Biden: Trump Has ‘Put Israel in Danger,’ Despite Peace with Arab States

In his remarks to J Street, Biden reportedly claimed that “Trump has put Israel in danger by tearing up the Iran nuclear deal,” and that he has “has undermined the stability of self-determination for the Palestinians, undercutting hope for a viable two-state solution any chance that he gets.” (Another report claimed Biden was blaming Israeli Prime […]

High-Ranking US-Israeli Delegation Lands in UAE

“This morning the traditional greeting of ‘go in peace’ takes on a special significance for us,” Ben-Shabbat said, adding the aim of the trip was to lay the groundwork for cooperation in areas of medicine, trade, technology and tourism. 

Israel: UAE Accord Transcends Security-Centered Ties with Arab Nations

He pointed out that an equally important feature of the accord is that it “closed the gate on annexation and created new dynamics in the peace process,” referring to Israel’s earlier publicized intent to annex – or, as the Israeli government put it, exercise sovereignty in territories in the West Bank occupied by Jewish settlers […]

Analysts See Israel-Bahrain Peace Deal as Protection Against Iran

“There’s no more powerful response to the hatred that spawned 9/11 than the agreement that we’re about to tell you,” he said. “You will hear something today. It’s very very important not only for the Middle East but for the world. In the spirt of peace and cooperation both leaders also agree that Bahrain will […]

Michael Goodwin: Dems cast Trump’s Middle East achievements as political ploy

Here’s a partial list of what they sacrificed. They claimed to want a national infrastructure program but said no when Trump pushed for one. They said they wanted the first big immigration deal since 1986, but rejected Trump’s demand for improved border security and enforcement, along with a deal on the “Dreamers.”