Shaving foam for men: For a smooth, cut-free shave

Gillette Classic Regular Pre Shave Foam Beside their bleeding-edge razors and other shaving stuff, Gillette shaving froth is one more world-class item that can match the best as far as execution just as an incentive for cash. Their exemplary shaving froth gives an additional rich and velvety foam that spreads equally and washes without hardly […]

Viewers are left ‘horrified’ after man who severed three fingers with an electric saw has to spend 21 hours in surgery to reattach them on 24 Hours in A&E

Steve added: ‘There’s a lot of things that I’m not able to do, or do as well as I was able to do – even simple things like tying shoe laces, doing up buttons, belts – anything like that is a lot more difficult.

Italy: Sicilian mafia boss Giuseppe Fanara swallows guard’s finger in jail fight

His trial and conviction, which led to three life sentences and an 18-year term, was sparked by the murder of two brothers who had bucked the Mafia’s demands and by the killing of three men in gang wars in the late 1990s.

Jailed Sicilian Mafia boss bites off prison guard’s finger

Cosa Nostra boss Fanara had been in isolation as mandated by his sentence — he is serving a term known in Italy as a “hard prison regime,” which is reserved for a range of serious offenses, including involvement with the Mafia.

Watch Kawhi Leonard block Jamal Murray at rim with middle finger

Late in the fourth quarter and with the Clippers starting to pull away, Murray blows by Montrezl Harrell out top and goes in for a dunk looking to change the game’s momentum — and Leonard is there to meet him. It’s a one middle finger block.

Massive Chinese build-up again in Finger area of lake’s north bank

“China is dominating the ridges in the Finger area of Pangong Tso for the past four months. Since last evening, it has rushed additional forces. We have had no option but to match the presence. The ground commanders will meet in the day,” said the official.

LAC standoff | Massive Chinese build-up again in Finger area of Pangong Tso lake’s north bank

It is to be noted that till now no dispute was reported in the south bank and for the past one week the Indian Army is dominating the ridges and hills here. For the first time in 45 years, aerial shots were fired along the disputed LAC. The Indian Army stated that it was actually […]

Man bites off employee’s finger after verbal spat in Mayur Vihar, doctors reattach it

According to the police, Kumar lives with his family in Ghaziabad and works for an insurance firm in the national capital. The incident, according to the victim’s statement, took place on September 4 when he met his boss Sidharth in Akshardham, from where the duo drove to Karol Bagh for some office-related work.

PLA force accretion on Finger 4 belies Beijing Ladakh disengagement offer

The basic problem facing disengagement is that Chinese have road infrastructure right upto the LAC in Ladakh, while the Indian Army troops have to traverse mountain passes, nullahs and ridges to reach their current posts and positions. “If China is serious about disengagement and de-escalation, then both sides have to bilaterally commit that the other […]