Oil-rich UAE opens the Arab world’s first nuclear power plant. Experts question why

The UAE has stressed its nuclear energy program, which started in 2009, is strictly peaceful. In a statement, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation said it worked closely with international nuclear bodies, including the International Atomic Energy Agency, in developing the plant.

‘We have nothing left’

“My family and my loved ones are asking me to go back home because they don’t want me to breathe any toxins … but I can’t go back home. I have friends who have lost their homes,” she added. “Their homes were completely destroyed. I have to go and help them.”

Huge explosion rocks Beirut, injuring thousands across Lebanese capital

A red cloud hung over the city in the wake of the explosion as firefighting teams rushed to the scene to try to put out the fire. At least 10 firefighters were missing, according to the city’s governor Marwan Abboud, who said the scene reminded him of “Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

A blast like no other: Beirut explosion felt like an earthquake

Lebanon, a country I’ve lived in for the last three years but have been in and out for years, and where I was in boarding school when the civil war broke out in April 1975, is a place where dramatic events happen sometimes, it seems, out of the blue. And on this hot and humid […]

What we know about the Beirut blast

President Trump, Australian Prime Minister Morrison and Russian President Vladimir Putin all offered support and assistance. Russia has sent five planes carrying medical equipment and a team of doctors to set up a field hospital in Beirut, according to state news agency TASS, which cited the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse linked to catastrophic Beirut explosion

However, Anthony May, a retired ATF explosives investigator for the US government, said that the bright or dark red cloud seen in videos of the blast “is not consistent with ammonium nitrate.” The telltale sign of the compound would be a yellow smoke cloud, he said.

A nurse pulled three newborns out of a hospital hit by the Beirut blast

It’s still not exactly clear what led to the explosion that wiped out entire streets across the seaside capital. The blast has been linked to a large supply of confiscated and potentially unsecured explosive material, stored in a warehouse at the city’s port, close to populated areas.

Ammonium nitrate may have sparked the Beirut explosion. It happened in Texas, in 1947, too

“Both of these things will be questioned in the investigation into the Beirut explosion, because they had such a large amount of ammonium nitrate, which may not have been stored appropriately, and in an area where there is a large number of people,” he said.

Beirut will never be the same again

The blast, which caused damage some 10 kilometers (6 miles) away, was the worst single violent event the city had ever seen. Whole neighborhoods lay in tatters. Hundreds of thousands of the city’s residents were displaced. The streets were covered in shards of glass. People sat on sidewalks outside their destroyed houses, their faces soaked […]

Nationwide protests grip Lebanon as currency tanks

Demonstrators hurled stones at military forces and some protesters attempted to scale a security fence outside the prime minister’s office in the capital city Beirut. Protesters chanted against the country’s political elite, which many hold responsible for the country’s economic woes.