NASA reveals new Hubble image featuring thousands of multi-colored stars

NASA compared the close orbit of the stars to bees swarming around a hive. The agency said it’s unlikely that the stars at the center will be orbited by planets, because they’re 100 to 1,000 times closer together than the nearest stars are to our sun. 

World’s most beautiful scenes in Agora’s Travel photo contest

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula on Iceland’s West Coast is a stunningly diverse landscape home to lava fields, glaciers and black sand beaches. The most unique of all being Arnarstapi Stone Bridge, a perfectly formed arch suspended above the ocean below, so perfect in its formation it looks almost man-made. Venturing out across it, you feel a […]

Astronomers look at over 10 million stars in search for alien life, find nothing

“The MWA is a unique telescope, with an extraordinarily wide field-of-view that allows us to observe millions of stars simultaneously,” said astronomer Chenoa Tremblay, from the Curtin University node of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR). “We observed the sky around the constellation of Vela for 17 hours, looking more than 100 times […]

An Extra-Planetary First: NASA Sequences DNA in Space

“That allows us on the ground to take appropriate action – do we need to clean this up right away, or will taking antibiotics help or not? We can resupply the station with disinfectants and antibiotics now, but once crews move beyond the station’s low Earth orbit, we need to know when to save those precious resources and when to use them.”

First 3,200-Megapixel Image Taken by Sensors for ‘World Largest Digital Camera’ Would Take Over 300 4K TVs to Display in Full Size

For the duration of the 10-year project, the finished camera will collect images of about 20 billion galaxies. The final product will be designed so the sensors will be able to spot objects that are “100 million times dimmer than those visible to the naked eye.”

The world’s largest digital camera could unlock mysteries of the universe

“It’s a milestone that brings us a big step closer to exploring fundamental questions about the universe in ways we haven’t been able to before,” said said JoAnne Hewett, SLAC’s chief research officer and associate lab director for fundamental physics, in a statement.

‘Point of view is everything,’ says this Instagram post by NASA. Seen it yet?

This post was shared from NASA’s official Instagram account on September 7. The caption, credited to the European space agency, details information about the picture. It starts by saying, “Point of view is everything. Galaxy NGC 2188 is a barred spiral, but as this @NASAHubble Space Telescope image shows, only its very narrow outer edge […]

E.T. missing? Astronomers come up empty looking for technological signs of life in 10M star systems

More than 4,000 exoplanets have been discovered by NASA, approximately 50 of which were believed to be potentially habitable as of September 2018. They have the right size and the right orbit of their star to support surface water and, at least theoretically, to support life.

Astronomers find NO technological signs of alien life in a study of more than 10 MILLION star systems

‘When building something the size of the SKA, it’s important to try on a smaller scale first to test and refine technologies and anticipate potential challenges on a larger scale,’ said Richard Schilizzi, former director of the SKA project. 

Finding dark matter in a haze of gamma rays

As we’ve recently discussed at length, dark matter is likely to be a WIMP: a weakly interacting massive particle. Weakly interacting doesn’t mean no interactions, though, and there’s always the chance that dark matter particles will collide with something else. Since dark matter is also the most common matter in the Universe, there’s a good […]