Millennials Connect Via Social Media Challenges During COVID-19

Fast forward to 2020, the Dalgona coffee challenge has gained attention across the world: make whipped coffee with equal ratios of sugar, instant coffee and boiling water. While it may sound easy, it can be quite the arm workout because the Dalgona cream has to be whipped for quite a long time to get it foamy.

Here’s why more US employees self-censor social media posts

It’s hard to believe that in 2005 only 5% of adults in the US used at least one social media platform. Now, in 2019, almost three-out-of-four (72%) people are active on social media, so it’s no wonder that the lines between our home and work lives are becoming blurred. We are suffering from social media […]

Schools issue warning to parents about graphic death on social media

A TikTok spokesperson said the clip was livestreamed on Facebook on Sunday night (US time) and was circulated on other platforms, including TikTok.

The ‘Crisis’ In Social Security and Other Nonsense

In short, as a matter of substance, Social Security can do everything that private accounts can do in the aggregate. Which brings me to the second point. “In the aggregate” abstracts from distributional concerns. In this context, that highlights the fact that Social Security is designed to narrow the range of outcomes that retirees might […]

Kanye West has spent $8.94 million of his own money on his presidential campaign

In at least five states Republican operatives have been involved with West’s efforts to get on the November ballots, according to a Washington Post analysis of public filings and social media posts, raising suspicion that some are hoping West, who has been a supporter of President Trump, can siphon votes away from Democratic nominee Joe […]

5 Ways Kids Need Screens If You’re Not a Silicon Valley Exec

Basics such as limiting screen time, keeping younger kids engaged in hands-on, nature-based play, and fostering many non-screen activities such as sports, music and art lessons, visits to museums, and other educational opportunities are fundamental. Parents need to make these other activities expected and highly engaging because they are competing against an “irresistible“ monster in […]

What can traditional sports learn from the Fortnite World Cup?

Many more are keeping up to date with sporting events via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and to appeal to these audiences, sports tournaments will have to keep an eye on esports and continue to diversify and innovate in their use of these channels. The recent Fifa Women’s World Cup was a good example, with several […]

The EPL presents unique marketing opportunities to reach a premium audience

Globally, football is known to be the people’s game because to play it, all you need is the ball and something to call a goal post. It is dynamic in the sense that you can play with as less as 5 people a side to the official 11. The game is driven with high energy, […]

St.Botanica ropes in Vaani Kapoor as brand ambassador

Emmbros Overseas has signed bollywood actress, Vaani Kapoor as brand ambassador for St.Botanica. With this, the brand aims to reach the millennials and the actress will be seen endorsing brand’s skincare range and feature in a series of campaigns across digital and social media platforms. Sahil Mehta, founder, Emmbros Overseas, said, “All our products are […]

Ankita Konwar spills the beans on ‘happy running’ even for those not fond of super early mornings

Done with a chatty 20km run this morning😀 The humidity made me drink twice the amount of water I usually drink on my runs. . If you’re planning for a long/longish run in the morning, you must ensure that you get a good amount of sleep at night. And if you’re not very fond of […]