‘The virus piggybacked on racism’: why did Covid-19 hit BAME families so hard?

Both the British and American governments have faced criticism about their initial handling of the pandemic – notably the lack of testing, personal protective equipment for frontline staff, and the delayed lockdown. In Nigeria, Oyaseh tells me, it has been a very different story. At the time of writing, there have been around 850 deaths […]

American Histories by John Edgar Wideman review – an immense and moving jazz riff

In “JB & FD”, John Brown, architect of the doomed anti-slavery raid at Harpers Ferry in 1859, talks with Frederick Douglass, the African American abolitionist who applauds Brown’s intent but resists being drawn into his febrile logic that “only an ocean of blood … will cleanse the sin of man-stealing”. That story vibrates alongside “Nat […]

Fears in India as Kuwait looks to cap migrant worker numbers

Yet Vinoy Wilson, a father of three who works as a department store supervisor in Kuwait, had little hope of finding a job in India that would pay enough to fund his children’s education and repay the money he borrowed for a new home in Kerala.

Happiness Road leads to spectacular pass

The mountain was created by the sediment of karst stone and silica limestone containing fossils from some 400 million years ago. The site also features cracks from geographical changes creating dangerous landscapes of steep cliffs and the Nho Quế River running in the middle of Mã Pì Lèng Pass and Xín Cái Pass, which hosts […]

“Plague village” may upend what we know about how black death is spread

Next, the researchers used a stochastic compartmental model and Bayesian analytical methods to recreate the pattern of deaths and trajectory of the outbreak revealed by the records. The model included rodent-to-human transmission and human-to-human transmission, which was estimated to occur within a fixed window of 11 days between exposure, infection, and death. (While there were […]

New wineries tout views, alter business plans amid pandemic

“It really wasn’t on our risk assessment bingo card,” Colleen Halverson, 40, said of the pandemic. “But we’ll get thought this. We really want to do this right. Our focus will really be on the outdoors because a lot of people don’t want to do some of the normal things they had been doing (before […]

The Mandal moment

The Mandal moment saw ferocious backlash by sections of upper castes. This opposition was articulated on two axes — the fact that reservations compromised merit, and if at all reservations should open up beyond what was offered to Scheduled Castes and Tribes, it should be on economic lines. These arguments hid beneath it a real […]

Exclusive: Kajal Dey India’s only table tennis coach without hands, appeals to get affiliated as government coach

Kajal Dey: My journey began in 1991 when I lost both my hands in an accident, and I was completely clueless about my life after the trauma, there was no happiness at all. A day I got to know that in my area’s clubhouse some members used to play table tennis on an abandoned table, […]

Depictions of artificial intelligence in popular media are ‘overwhelmingly white’ and are ‘erasing people of colour’ from our perceptions of the future, study claims

IBM, MICROSOFT SHOWN TO HAVE RACIST AND SEXIST AI SYSTEMS In a 2018 study titled Gender Shades, a team of researchers discovered that popular facial recognition services from Microsoft, IBM and Face++ can discriminate based on gender and race.

Real Housewives Of New York City season 12 reunion is currently being taped in-person at the luxurious Oheka Castle on Long Island

Drama-rama: Luann hosts a spa day for the women she met through the Fortune Society. Ramona gives Sonja a talking-to over her birthday night antics and gives Leah the cold shoulder. The women head to Cancun, Mexico, where Sonja gets liquored up on this season