American Histories by John Edgar Wideman review – an immense and moving jazz riff

Laced together, the stories in American Histories read like an immense jazz riff. The writing is fractured; words are excised, reflecting vernacular speech patterns and also Wideman’s aim of getting more quickly to the truth. This is readily demonstrated in “Examination”, where the narrator’s squeamishness about navels – “I squirm at the thought anyone may […]

Fears in India as Kuwait looks to cap migrant worker numbers

Writing by Annie Banerji @anniebanerji, Editing by Claire Cozens. Please credit the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters, that covers the lives of people around the world who struggle to live freely or fairly. Visit

Happiness Road leads to spectacular pass

The pass is located on National Road 4C in Pải Lủng and Pả Vi communes, Mèo Vạc District of Hà Giang. Mả Pí Lèng in Mông language means a horse’s nose with the figurative meaning that the peak is quite dangerous, where even mountain horses may slip and die when climbing.  

Voting by mail is secure, but it has a seriously low-tech downside: your signature

On November 3, the U.S. will still be a troubled society, simultaneously rocked by social upheaval and a deadly disease, and divided by a wildly partisan political environment. Add to that an unpopular president who is already developing a narrative where absentee voting is used as a pretext for declaring the election invalid (he’s since […]

“Plague village” may upend what we know about how black death is spread

But despite the indelible mark the dark disease has left on humanity, researchers still aren’t certain how exactly Yersinia sweeps through cities and countries. The highly infectious disease has historically been linked to rodents, in which the bacteria can fester, and rat fleas, which take in and then vomit out the bacteria in subsequent bites. […]

The Mandal moment

Thirty years ago, on August 7, Indian politics and society changed. In a historic move, the VP Singh government decided to implement the recommendations of the Mandal Commission, and open up reservations for Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in government jobs. This came in the wake of the gradual political rise of the backward communities, which […]

New wineries tout views, alter business plans amid pandemic

Coronavirus adjustments for Lewis have included hand-sanitizing stations, employees wearing masks and rubber gloves, and the facility operating at 50 percent capacity. Wine tastings at the bar have been replaced with flights where customers sample four wines at their table instead of congregating at the bar. Lewis, who has not distributed his products in the […]

Exclusive: Kajal Dey India’s only table tennis coach without hands, appeals to get affiliated as government coach

KD: It was undoubtedly the most difficult time ever of my life when I lost my hands. It took me some time to get out of this trauma. But, I belong to a lower-middle-class family and after my father’s death, the whole family was my responsibility. Mental health is the most ignorant health issue in […]

Depictions of artificial intelligence in popular media are ‘overwhelmingly white’ and are ‘erasing people of colour’ from our perceptions of the future, study claims

IBM, MICROSOFT SHOWN TO HAVE RACIST AND SEXIST AI SYSTEMS In a 2018 study titled Gender Shades, a team of researchers discovered that popular facial recognition services from Microsoft, IBM and Face++ can discriminate based on gender and race.

Real Housewives Of New York City season 12 reunion is currently being taped in-person at the luxurious Oheka Castle on Long Island

Last week Cohen shared the news on his SiriusXM radio show that the RHONY reunion would be face to face: ‘It is looking like we will be doing our RHONY reunion in person,’ but made sure to note: ‘There are a lot of protocols.’