Taiwan artisans fuse reality and fantasy in miniature worlds

“I like to try to make anything, whether it’s clean, old or dirty, to let my imagination run wild,” he told AFP. His creations range from a replica of a 40-year-old grocery store in central Taiwan that caught his eye, to an imaginary “secret maintenance base” for a legion of Minions made from a discarded […]

Coastal Elites review – is this the worst film of the year?

With one significant exception, the five characters delivering these soliloquies of privilege are well-off and left-leaning. They live in the big, important cities, the ones with booming industries and beach access. They’re mostly involved in entertainment, whether as a diehard theatre-lover, an actor or a YouTube self-help guru. They listen to NPR and read the […]

What’s All the Hype About the ‘Travis Scott Meal’ at McDonald’s? Vulture Investigates.

I knew I was in good hands in McDonald’s No. 2 because it had a big menu screen touting the “limited time collab” Travis Scott Meal, informing me that, because this is New York, it will be $7 instead of $6 and that it’s 1,240 calories total, which was fine by me because I ate […]

Yahoo Sports will stream free NFL games with a side of video chat

The “Watch Together” concept has become a miniature craze within the streaming industry during the coronavirus pandemic. Amazon, Hulu, and Movies Anywhere have all launched co-watching features with text-based chat, while HBO has partnered with an outside company called Scener to launch both text and video chat. Scener also integrates with several other video services, […]

Our Time Machine: a moving documentary on art, family and dementia

“When my father first saw the play,” Maleonn recalls, “he said he loved it. But then he forgot he saw it a few hours later.” In the movie, the same thing happens when Ma Ke meets his grandson for the first time. There’s a deep sense of tragedy that underscores the film’s joyous concluding notes […]

‘Parks And Recreation’ Reunion Special: The Pawnee Posse Is Back, Along With Some Sheltered-In Faves

Schur told us that tonight’s cold opening is someone who is “not one of the 10 main cast members, and that sets the tone for the show.” That someone was Paul Rudd as Bobby Newport, the famous silver spoon, spoiled candidate who ran against Leslie for City Council, only to vote for her in the […]