Taiwan artisans fuse reality and fantasy in miniature worlds

“I like to try to make anything, whether it’s clean, old or dirty, to let my imagination run wild,” he told AFP. His creations range from a replica of a 40-year-old grocery store in central Taiwan that caught his eye, to an imaginary “secret maintenance base” for a legion of Minions made from a discarded […]

Khloe Kardashian admits she’s ‘crazy’ about organizing home as her HUGE garage gets completely revamped by celebrity tidying experts – who create a PARKING LOT for all of two-year-old True’s miniature cars

On the floor on the right side of the garage, True’s luxury cars are perfectly lined up in a mini parking lot, with designated spots created with light pink tape. The strollers that had previously been crammed in with them now have their own separate spot.

‘Please touch’: Making art accessible to the blind

The idea first came to him when he returned to India after getting a Master’s in heritage management from the University of Kent in Athens, Greece, in 2014. “One of the modules there had been on tactile and inclusive designs to make heritage accessible to all. That interested me a lot because my mother, an […]

‘A wonderful atmosphere’: Churchill secretary recalls life at Chartwell

The new secretaries’ room has typewriters, telephones, address books and inkwells. On one wall are photographs of important political and military figures including Charles de Gaulle and Field Marshal Montgomery. On another is a map case given to Churchill as a Christmas present by President Franklin D Roosevelt in 1943.

Imperial Chinese ‘teapot’ destined for charity shop set to fetch up £100,000 at auction

“Two almost identical teapots are in the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan, and the Palace Museum in Beijing, China.

Wooden Figurines ‘Weave’ at Tiny Looms Placed in Ancient Grave

One of the small compartments under the grave held the four model looms, each about one-sixth the size of a regular loom, the researchers said. Next to the looms were devices for warping, rewinding and weft winding, along with 15 painted wooden figurines (four male weavers and nine female weaving assistants), each with a name […]

Plastic pollution: Aldabra in Indian Ocean has most waste ever seen on any island, say scientists

More from Deep Ocean Live Lagoon’s ‘incredible refuge’ may hold secret to coral survival Kids put Deep Ocean Live team on spot during broadcast from ‘alien world’ Deep Ocean Live: Sky News explores the ‘twilight zone’ Deep Ocean Live: Tonnes of plastic and thousands of flip-flops threaten wildlife on coral atoll Deep Ocean Live: Sky […]

Review: The End of an Era; India Exits Tibet by Claude Arpi

One of the important documents Arpi has dug out and commented on is a report filed by Apa Pant to the Indian foreign ministry of his observations in Tibet. Pant was the Political Officer (PO) based in Gangtok. Since the days of the British Raj, the PO had looked after the affairs of Sikkim, Bhutan […]

Six vloggers explore Vietnam for YouTube travel series

Besides Google Adventure Vietnam, the Quang Binh tourism department and Google Asia Pacific also cooperate in another program, where more than 1,000 photos featuring the picturesque and spectacular attractions in the Vietnamese localities above will be hosted on the ‘online museum’ Google Arts & Culture from the third quarter of this year.