Fingers crossed at France’s brasseries and cafes as tourist quarantines loom

Twenty miles away in the city of Montpellier, half the tables at cafes on Place de la Comédie, its main square, are empty. Laurent Lechuga, owner of Les Trois Graces brasserie, has had to make up the slack by opening an outdoors stand selling coffees and ice cream. He thinks a new UK quarantine on […]

How Europeans see a vote for Brexit

Sylvie Goulard, a French centrist MEP who has just published a book, Goodbye Europe, on the lessons to be learned from David Cameron’s recent “new deal” in Brussels, is in favour of Britain staying in the EU and has observed two phenomena in the campaign. “First, I’ve noticed that the government and Mr Cameron seem […]

It’s two metres apart over here, mon ami! Boris Johnson dodges a very enthusiastic welcome from Emmanuel Macron as the French President heads to Downing Street after handing Prince Charles the Legion d’Honneur for London

But we still have a vast empire, our fleet is intact, and we possess large sums in gold. We still have allies, who possess immense resources and who dominate the seas. We still have the gigantic potentialities of American industry. The same war conditions which caused us to be beaten by 5,000 planes and 6,000 […]