California fires: 4 blazes in October firestorm traced to PG&E lines

PG&E, which is a privately held company but heavily regulated, has acknowledged its growing liability, with officials saying privately that the cost of mounting legal claims could prove unaffordable. The utility’s parent, PG&E Corp, reported a $1.66 billion profit last year, but that could fall well short of the bill.

‘The end of the story of my daughter, my wife’: the victims of the Sri Lanka attacks

Saudi Arabia’s national airline had earlier said two crew members were unaccounted for and another had been taken to hospital with minor injuries, but the statement did not mention their nationalities. Reports said the crew members were staying at the Cinnamon Grand hotel.

Sri Lankan suicide bomber studied engineering at UK university

“This group of suicide bombers, most of them are well educated and come from middle or upper-middle class, so they are financially quite independent and their families are quite stable financially,” Wijewardene said “That is a worrying factor in this. Some of them have I think studied in various other countries, they hold degrees, LLMs […]

Pressure builds on Sri Lankan officials as Isis claims Easter attacks

Isis has also released a photograph of an Islamic cleric from eastern Sri Lanka who has been identified as the leader of the attacks. Mohammed Zahran, also known as Zahran Hashmi, became known to Muslim community leaders three years ago for his incendiary speeches online. Several members of the community attempted to inform security services […]

‘The fear has gone’ – Sri Lankans hope for peace and reform under new president

Rajapaksa and his close associates had appeared well-entrenched. The 69-year-old came to power in 2005, led his country’s military to a bloody victory over violent Tamil separatists four years later and surfed a wave of popularity among the Sinhala majority to win again in 2010. He then had the constitution changed to allow the third […]