What you might have missed in Week 1

Social-distancing affecting broadcasts It’s obvious the well-prepared sideline reporters are limited i what they can do on the sidelines this season because of COVID-19 protocols and social-distancing guidelines. Gone are the in-depth reporting, intel from inside the huddle during timeouts and in-game interviews with figures on the sidelines. No matter how good you are at […]

You can sleep in an old Etihad Airbus plane in Wales – but with comfy beds and a large L-shaped sofa

According to the website: “Now part of Apple Campings magical bizarre places to stay, Arabian nights has a separate sheltered area for dining in the highly unlikely event of inclement weather in this little oasis in Wales, it has its own kitchen trolly dolly style, shower and loo and a first time for Apple camping […]

Best Nintendo 3DS games: the most essential 3DS releases

No 3DS? Check out our guide to the best New 3DS and New 3DS XL dealsAnimal Crossing: New LeafIn Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you find yourself thrust into the role of a village’s new mayor, which means it’s up to you to help make the rules and aid in the burg’s development. Don’t fret, though: […]

Trump admits downplaying virus, but told Woodward it was “deadly”

A bill that passed the state House last week would give counties three days to do so, but Wolf’s spokesperson said he would veto it in current form because it would ban drop boxes. On a press call held by VoteSafe Pennsylvania, Ridge said he doesn’t have a preference on drop boxes but that early […]

UL’s scheduling holes could rise with Big Sky canceling fall football season

“I think now more than ever, excuses are there for the taking,” Hocke said. “I think it’s really easy to come up with some excuses why you’re not going to be able to have success.”

How Far Will Donald Trump Go to Win?

Trump’s re-election strategy isn’t as audacious as it sounds when you understand that probably one-third of the country already disbelieves what they see and hear unless it’s coming from Fox News, Ben Shapiro, some other pillar of the right-wing echo chamber, or Trump himself. Remember: A thrice-married, maybe-billionaire from New York City with a long […]

Grading the Week: Paul Millsap, you are loved. Paul Millsap, it’s time you take a seat

The conference announced Thursday afternoon that it will soon have rapid COVID-19 testing available with the potential to provide athletes test results within 15 minutes. That would be a major win for those of us who will legitimately miss #Pac12AfterDark this fall, even if it makes us wish the conference had waited a little longer to […]